Was Your First Experience With a Freelancer Not What You Were Hoping For? Learn How Freelancers Have Been Going Pro Lately

We’ll tell you about what’s changed for our freelance professionals in terms of professionalism, specialization, career paths, and expertise and how Workana guided this evolution.

The evolution of what freelancers can offer has sped up lately, not just with technology but also with new skills, professions, and aspirations that workers of this new era are prioritizing.

Now, companies that want to excel in their markets and stand out from the competition need to incorporate new talent, and this talent can’t or doesn’t want to work in brick and mortar facilities of companies or even independent professionals that don’t want to take part in an organizational structure and prefer to work on a project by project basis as a consultant or external support.

Free, Independent, and Freelance Talent

Independent work offers a flexible schedule, more control of time, opportunities for higher income, and a better work-life balance

This mentality is the driving force behind the labor market trending toward the freelance way of working. Now, the dynamics for new talent acquisition for company development are based on these key points: 

  • Hiring talent for projects
  • Talent chooses the projects, not companies
  • All of these factors will create cultural changes in the organizational climate of companies  
  • The working relationship and team members’ commitment will exist on a different level 

All of this means that remote and freelance work has been revolutionizing the scope of companies, the labor market, and organizational structures.

The Mentality of Freelancers Has Changed

Freelancers aren’t looking for an easy way out, nor are they looking to earn money in an alternative way or to only do occasional projects. Freelancers have gone pro; now they work under high standards of quality, offering a better experience for their clients because it’s necessary in order to maintain the lifestyle they have.

The situation has changed; now, freelancers are specialists who strive for professional development by successfully completing projects and providing innovative solutions.

It’s a career; advancement and recognition in freelancer’s labor market depend on the reputation that the freelancer earns by completing each project. That’s why hiring freelancers is completely advantageous. 

Matching Technology Service: Freelancer-Company

Technology has taken the relationship between freelancers companies to the next level. Now, platforms have systems that allow for reputations to be measured. This is how freelancers commit to projects in order to finish them on time and provide quality work.

The classification system (the iron, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and hero levels) and the rating scale require freelancers to keep moving and continually improve in order to become a top freelancer (Gold level or higher.) This requires freelancers to work diligently to maintain a great reputation on the platform, which translates into completing excellent work.

Digital reputation is the most powerful currency of an independent worker. Through Workana, activity logs, mediation processes, and qualification certifications curate a pool of the best professional specialists.

If you still have doubts about working remotely with a freelance professional, you should know that thanks to Workana’s secure payment system, we guarantee the best possible experience with 100% money-back guarantee if the work doesn’t meet the agreed-upon requirements. In addition, in some plans, the Customer Success Manager conducts a rigorous follow-up in terms of the deadlines, scope, and deliverables of projects in order to simplify your process and eliminate any obstacle that may arise. 

Workana: the Perfect System for a Positive Experience

Workana was founded to respond to a need to carry out freelance work in a more secure manner for clients (and for freelancers). The process now includes the following key aspects:  

  • You identify the need of your company, endeavor, organization, or business
  • You create a project to receive proposals and budgets from freelancers
  • If you need help, we have consultants who will assist you during the process. Just like in big companies, recruiting is conducted by Workana specialists who present you with a list of the best candidates for the job. 
  • If you decide to search for a freelancer yourself, you’ll analyze profiles, conduct interviews over chat, and choose the best freelancer for your project
  • Then you’ll put the payment in escrow. Payment stays protected until you release payment upon the completion of each phase of your project or the entire project. 
  • You’ll receive drafts from the freelancer and accept or request changes
  • The project ends with your approval
  • Then the deposit is released
  • Evaluate the freelancer according to your experience working with them

This system empowers career-focused freelancers to complete their projects on time according to the agreed-upon terms, and, most times, with added value. This is reflected in the freelancers’ high rehiring rate. Once a client works with a professional on the platform, it’s very likely that the client will rehire the freelancer.

Best of all, the freelancer you work with will be within reach so you can hire them whenever you need them, using Workana as an intermediary in order to guarantee that you have a positive experience.

Workana Has Evolved and is More Competitive Now

At the end of 2019, along  with the progression of the freelance revolution, Workana has opted for strong improvements to continue evolving.  

Learn more about the steps we took so only the best freelancers committed to the freelance lifestyle, are on this platform: Workana’s Changes of 2019

Transformations have taken place that foster better quality guarantees and great experiences as well as an environment with greater competition for freelancers. 

Since the beginning of 2020, approval for a freelancer’s profile and their ability to send proposals to clients that publish their projects has depended on an evaluation of the information provided.

This has boosted the quality of remote workers who have access to the platform as a mediator on projects, meaning that clients have access to the best professional freelancers on an international level.

When you use Workana, you have access to the best freelance talent, the best conditions for a successful outcome for your project, and a positive experience, guaranteed.

Because now it’s not about occasionally hiring an online professional; it’s about having the best talent at your business’ fingertips when you need it. If your first experience wasn’t what you were hoping for, we can guarantee that your next experience will exceed your expectations. 

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