7 ways to convince your team to bring on freelance talent

A lot of times certain aspects of a project or a work team can be greatly improved by freelance talent. In fact, a lot of times bringing on freelance talent can be the perfect solution to solving an urgent problem or fulfilling an unexpected requirement. 

However, since remote work is still a relatively new concept in some companies, it can be hard to explain to your coworkers and supervisors why hiring a freelancer is the best option.

Here are seven excellent ways to convince your team to hire on freelancers. Hire the most capable, flexible, and committed talent around, and start scaling your projects today!

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Reason #1: More and more companies are hiring freelancers

The future of work is freelance. According to the Forbes, the VUCA scope that characterizes the current labor market demands vision, creativity, and agility, and this has motivated companies to find ways to add agility to their teams.

As a result, companies have been given unprecedented access to specialized talent while decreasing their costs and risk. Multinational companies like Unilever are hiring freelancers and adopting global programs for freelance talent. In fact, hiring the best freelance talent has become an essential objective.

Reason #2: External capabilities improves team efficiency

Although there are still some concerns surrounding freelance work’s quality and viability, especially in conjunction with in person and remote teams, the reality is that there are infinite tools and proven techniques that are just as efficient if not more efficient than traditional work environments. Hiring freelancers can even increase a company’s productivity!

Here’s a case study that shows how Chinese multinational corporation Ctrip increase their productivity by 22% thanks to remote work.

Reason #3: A project is temporary by nature

A lot of company projects, particularly those that have to do with modernizing, scaling, or hosting special events, have a start date and an end date or specific objectives which means that the workload increases and can put a strain on available resources for a short period of time.

In these cases, it’s better to hire a freelancer to help with a project instead of hiring a new full time employee when keeping on the extra staff might not be necessary in the long run.

Reason #4: You can quickly find a freelancer who has the exact skills you need 

Thanks to tools like Workana, you can post your project and receive proposals from experienced freelancers within minutes. Say goodbye to spending hours sifting through hundreds of resumes looking for the perfect fit.

Using the Workana database, you can find over 1.5 million freelance professionals and filter results by their skill set, location, average rating, and more, and invite them to submit a proposal to your project.

Reason #5: You can pick and choose who you want on your team before you hire

If you’re wondering how you can be sure that a freelancer will deliver quality work, keep in mind that normally the best freelancers send personalized and detailed proposals. Two or three of them are bound to stick out, and with the click of a mouse you can learn all about their work experience and read reviews that former clients have given them.

That way you can be sure that the freelancer you’re working is a trustworthy professional who knows what they’re doing.

Reason #6: Thanks to freelance talent, scaling your business has never been easier

Maintaining a competitive edge in the cutthroat business world has become a priority for many companies, and it’s clear that constant scaling with the latest tools and technologies is essential to stay competitive. 

Luckily, freelancers are experts in helping you scale your business because they’re well-versed in the latest technology and gig economy trends. If you want to learn more about scalability, check out our article here.

Reason #7: Because you have intermediaries who guarantee the best experience possible

At Workana, we know that one of the main obstacles to hiring freelancers is the uncertainty that comes with investing in freelance talent. That’s why when you hire on our platform, we take care of guaranteeing secure payments and high quality deliverables.

This means that freelancers are only paid when you approve all the deliverables in terms of quality and you approve the hours spent on them.

With these seven reasons, we’re sure that it will be a lot easier to integrate freelancers into your work team and discover all the advantages that hiring freelancers brings.

Start scaling and growing your business today: create your first project on Workana and start working with the best freelancers in the world.

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