Now More Than Ever, Understanding and Leveraging the Benefits of 4.0 Work is Essential to Scaling and Strengthening Your Business

Many have discussed the subtle changes of the 4.0 industry in terms of production results. Now, the situation has changed so much that circumstances that were once far away have become a reality for most people.

This is reflected even more in experimentation with technological change that has compelled people to design and generate new ways to work. The million dollar question is: has your company or organization joined the work execution and perspective revolution?

Do you know the benefits that 4.0 work brings in terms of cost, investment, market presence, and more?

How familiar are you 4.0 work? At Workana, we want to help you make the most of the labor revolution so your business, organization, or company can succeed.

What is my company’s position in the market?

The first question to ask is how your company is doing in the market in terms of recognition and the impact that your company has on the industry that you work in.

You may ask yourself, what does 4.0 work have with your company’s standing in the marketplace, and the answer is that companies and businesses that adapt to a more productive labor dynamic based on 4.0 work improve their position in the market.


Because the more you use technology to find the talent you need for your company, the more freedom you have to build your brand positioning.

In fact, now more than ever, you need workers who are capable of creating strategies that encompass the entire digital ecosystem and understanding how to leverage them both online and offline.

How am I compared to the competition?

Evaluating your business in comparison with the competition is another way to determine how familiar you are with 4.0 work. Now, successful companies leverage teleworking or remote work and professionals who are specialized in emerging professions.

For example, if your company doesn’t have a Big Data expert, your competition will surpass you because they’re using data analysis to make the best decisions.

This brings us to our second question.

What do I have to make decisions?

Making decisions is important and crucial to success in any market niche. Companies that make their decisions based on instinct tend to head toward disaster.

That may sound harsh, but those who are successful in the market understand that knowledge is power and that data, analysis, and automated tools are taking center stage in the market.

If you still don’t have a data analysis expert on your team or an expert who can automate statistical tools and other tools, you’re putting your business’ future at risk.

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Do I Understand the 3 Keys of 4.0 Work?

4.0 work makes an organization, business, or company’s evolution possible. This is because 4.0 sets the pace in the following three areas:

  • Robotization
  • Automatization
  • Digitalization

These three elements translate into strategy, structure, and projections. This process optimization is achieved through production, storage, and marketing processes. 

The three keys above allow us to guarantee that your company needs new labor profiles and job posts for your company. However, with the advent of teleworking as a part of the 4.0 work revolution creating such profiles and job posts doesn’t require more space, tools, and materials.

Am I familiar with and do I have the work profiles that I need to add to my staff?

Here are some of the profiles that you should consider adding to your organization’s staff:

These experts can propel your business forward, positioning it in the market and providing your company with the competitive edge it needs to thrive in your niche. 

Before diving in, start by understanding each of these aspects in the context of 4.0 work. Everything that’s been explained so far helps us understand that 4.0 work opens up a realm of acquisition possibilities for companies.

Having professionals who are qualified in the aspects that can provide you with a unique value proposal that serves as a differentiating factor for your company. This will help strengthen your position in the market.

Am I using telework platforms?

Telework is one of the fundamental elements of 4.0 work. Most professionals in tech fields, robotization, automation, and digitalization work remotely because they understand the value of their work and the benefits of telework.

Hiring through Workana is the best way to find teleworkers who are available to help you reap the benefits of these new professions.

How can I leverage 4.0 work to benefit my business?

Now that you know a bit more about 4.0 work, you might be asking how you can use it to your advantage:

  1. Identify your business, organization, or company’s weaknesses in terms of competitiveness
  2. Find out if your company has robotization, automation, and digitalization and the levels of each one and how you can make the most of each one
  3. Consult with experts in each of these areas and ask for a projection that can help you determine how these three aspects can improve your company’s current situation
  4. Hire professionals that effect the changes necessary to give your organization, company, or business the technological jumpstart it needs.
  5. One of the great benefits of 4.0 work is that you can hire remote workers and get support from a distance.

Whether you’re a multinational corporation or a small business, if you want to hire an expert professional to help you grow your business, you can do so through Workana

Find the freelancers with the skills you need, evaluate their profiles, interview them, receive proposals, and join the 4.0 industry revolution through 4.0 work.

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