Advantages of integrating freelancers into your content team

Your best bet for growth is to adapt to change without leaving anything to chance. It’s not a game of cards, waiting for that lucky hand with a wild card to fix everything and change the course of the game.

Your best bet for growth is to take action and adapt to a digital, fast-paced, online environment that has definitely broken the rules of game.

Today, you are the one who determines your luck: your website, your social media, and even your email are your best cards, and their content is what will give them value.

If you’re strategic, you’ll be able to get your ideal client’s attention quickly. But can you do it yourself? Do you have time? Do you have a team? Is your team trained in generating specific content? Because, let’s be honest: we aren’t all writers, communicators, or designers. And we don’t all have the time and expertise necessary to deal with certain areas.

And even though we may have a stable and competitive team, on board with the idea that inspires us, sometimes we run into projects that need a specialized, extra hand.

If this has happened to you, then you understand that this is when our platform becomes the perfect ally for getting your project on track.

Those “wild cards” we work with can get a specific task done, bringing the necessary skills to your project. They’re freelancers, independent professionals, remote team members with the talent to carry out your ideas and meet your needs.

And just as you would never reject a wild card for gambling on your business, we’ll share the advantages that “our best cards” bring day-to-day to every team they work with.

Advantages of a freelancer on your content team

  • They have experience, skills and talent. And, most importantly, they know what your audience is looking for and they contribute the necessary material for your project.
  • They’re collaborative and independent at the same time. They believe in this type of work.
  • Imagine that you need a Russian translation for a special display at a fair. If it’s the only time you need this, you probably don’t have this talent within your team. But that doesn’t stop you from being able to have your display in that language!
  • Remember that these job positions are remote: outside your company, for your company. They don’t generate extra costs, they don’t need your services, and they don’t use your facilities.
  • They have more flexibility with schedules and locations. They can even work during the night or from different time zones, if your project requires. Of course, you should specify this in the job conditions you propose.

Keep in mind that you’re not just hiring a freelancer, but at the same time you’re hiring an entrepreneur, a brand, a small business in itself that doesn’t want to lose you as a client or damage their reputation. They need you to recommend them, rate them, and come back. This guarantees commitment to the job you give them. Their success depends on it.

Keys to a good relationship and the best results

  • From the start, establish good communication. This will be key in the results you get in the development of your product or service.
  • Don’t leave anything to chance. Before hiring someone, be sure they agree to develop your ideas, and be sure to ask their opinion. It’s important to know if they feel comfortable with what you’re going to assign them. Be clear in the wording of your post.
  • Lastly, be sure that they have the necessary skills and ask them if they have the availability to meet your deadlines. The foundation of remote work is both parties’ commitment to do what they agreed to do. The time, money, and effort invested depend on observing the above points.

Tasks that they can help you with 

Year after year, as technology develops, different tasks are being added to our platform. Some of them, as you’ll see below, cover a good part of the content your projects need.

  • Copywriting. Writing persuasive texts for your website is essential, so that your ideal client will interact with your site and take the action desired.
  • Scripts. Including audiovisual pieces in your marketing strategy is key, whether it be on platforms, social media, or traditional channels. In any case, you’ll need to structure a creative, persuasive “written dialogue” of what your target audience will see and hear.
  • Translation. Depending on the type of website you have, to some extent you will need to have a version of your site in English, since that’s the language that rules the digital market. You may need other languages as well if your marketing strategy requires.
  • Blogs and social media support. A foundational pillar when it comes to communication, a professional presence on social media is non-negotiable. You should also pursue a blog, demonstrating your expertise in your area of specialization.

  • Email marketing. Knowing how to use your email to attract potential clients is a powerful tool that combines online communication with direct marketing. When used well, it can yield excellent dividends and get conversions.
  • Designers and illustrators. These are absolutely necessary at the creative phase of your project to develop of the visual messages you include in your communication strategy. Professionals in this field combine their personal skills with their mastery of digital design tools to achieve results that will surprise you.
  • Special projects. Maybe your project goes beyond these and requires even more than what we’ve outlined here. In that case, don’t hesitate to contact us. This list includes many of the frequently-requested skills, but not all. Professional categories are broad and varied, and special projects are diverse and original. And absolutely all of them have a solution through Workana to bring you the human talent you need.

Don’t play the game alone: get support from Workana

  • On Workana, your company can hire the best freelancers in Latin America, expanding your business as your expectations grow.
  • Creating content, improving your image, and contributing to your projects are our collaborators’ specialties, and together with Workana you will obtain rapid results, without incurring unnecessary expenses.

As you will see, the digital world has burst into the market exponentially, and staying behind is not an option. You have to make a bet. On the future, on what’s safe. A Mercier study affirms, that 79% of executives believe freelancers will increase their workforce in the coming years. Be daring, get involved, and you’ll soon see results.

Over time, you’ll form good relationships with freelancers who have met or exceeded your expectations. Almost without realizing it, you’ll have formed a work team outside your company, working for your company. That’s what Workana is about.

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