How to pick the best freelancer for your project

Is it possible to find the perfect work partner?

This post is for you, seeking for an efficient collaborating partner to fully grasp what you need and understand the importance of a quality job.

Adopting the freelancing model for large projects may prove really beneficial for your company. Actually, Jon Younger, contributing editor of Forbes magazine and expert on freelance trends, states that 90% of companies utilize freelancers nowadays in some way or another.

So let’s get down to work! Follow these simple steps to create your project on Workana, then display your detective skills and find the right partnering asset that will boost your growth and help you get further.

Follow these tips and start searching for your perfect freelance partner or team right away. Remember that most of the steps below will take just a few minutes, don’t skip them!

8 Tips to find the best freelancer for your project

1. Check the bids

One of the advantages of creating projects on Workana is the fact that you can easily check out and put bids from freelancers into different categories. You can then highlight those you prefer as “my favs”, and, likewise, you can dismiss those which don’t fit your needs, so as to facilitate your selection.

2. Check the expertise of your favorite bids

Once you’ve selected several bids, check out the profile of each freelancer. You should ideally pick two or three that have the skills you’re looking for plus outstanding reviews from their previous clients.


If the bid you liked is from a freelancer new to the platform –with no reviews yet –don’t worry! You may give them a chance, though we suggest that you ask for some work samples from them first, and assign them only a small project or a small part of a larger project, and check their work on something shorter or on an hourly basis.

3. Follow up deadlines

Before starting, don’t forget to pay special attention to delivery dates. Check what the freelancer committed to, read reviews from clients about that specific point and, just in case, make sure you both agree on the deadline, once you’ve discussed final details.

4. Contact the freelancer and check previous works

We recommend you not to accept a bid from a freelancer before contacting them first, least of all making the escrow payment. Take your time to make all necessary questions and never forget to ask for sample works and references.

5. Have a video-call

On Workana platform you can find everything you need to contact freelancers. Before accepting a bid and throughout the project, you can exchange messages with them or even have a video-call from the platform.

This is really important as it allows you to keep a record of all the information and the agreements you’ve reached, so that you can protect your investment in case of some disagreement or dispute.

6. Assess with a quality checklist

This checklist will help you pick the best freelancer out of those who have sent a bid:

  • They have good reviews from former clients or else, can demonstrate their experience with previous works or provide references.
  • They have been hired by clients more than once.
  • They have worked on similar projects.
  • Their proposal is clear, well-written and has an added value.
  • They answer messages without delay.
  • They are interested in learning all possible details about the project.

7. Invite renowned freelancers

Besides simply waiting for good bids, you can actively find freelancers on our section “find freelancers”. It’s very easy –you insert the search criteria and the search engine will show you the profiles that best meet your needs. When you see one that calls your attention, you can send them a direct invitation to ask for a bid.

For further support, you can always ask Workana Team for help in finding that perfect freelancer for you.

8. Find PRO freelancers

If you want to get the very best, go for a PRO freelancer . The only freelancers who belong to this category are those who already count on an outstanding background on the platform, so picking among them is a quality guarantee. The difference is that their fees might be slightly above the rest.

Are you working on a big project? The right freelancer can take your business to the next level.

The survey by Jon Younger mentioned above points out that it’s increasingly usual to find executive freelancers, that is, self-employed workers capable of managing large projects, making deep transformations, fixing complex problems and boosting the growth of a company based on their know-how and skills.

According to the Association of Interim Executives (or the Association of Executive Freelancers), these skills are especially important within a dramatically changing economic context and of strong competition, because they are objective-oriented profiles with ongoing training.

Move up to the next era. According to a survey by WIL Group, an international firm of executive freelancers, there is an increasing demand of this type of professionals and it’s becoming a solid trend among the countries that are world economic powers, in particular within the project management and information technology categories.

On Workana we want your business to get to the next level with the support of the best freelancers. They’re already waiting for you, what are you waiting for to find the perfect work partner right now?

Remember you can find that freelancer who is looking for just the same thing you are.

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