Vesti case: recruiting more qualified talent with a faster process

Vesti case recruiting more qualified talent with a faster process- workana blog

Startups always test the most diverse solutions. This was the case with Vesti: to streamline their recruitment process, they tried Workana Business. What was supposed to be just an experiment has turned into a lasting relationship with a deep level of trust. Today, the startup counts on this partnership to find independent talent who can contribute to long-term projects.

An already two-year relationship

In the beginning, Vesti turned to Workana Business as a recruiting solution, to reduce the manual working time required in this process and thus lighten its team’s workload.

Over time, the executive became more and more integrated into the company, better understanding its culture and bringing in candidates who were ultimately very well aligned with Vesti.

Vesti case recruiting more qualified talent with a faster process - Workana business

Talent Integration into the team

Remote independent talent is often seen as a temporary solution. But, in Vesti’s case, many of them are already part of the team. Most of the talent have been collaborating on projects for over a year, while some of them have already reached the significant two-year mark.

In addition to this, they are talent acquisitions who contribute during business hours and follow the same flow as the rest of the company. Today, a third of Vesti’s workforce was recruited by an executive from Workana Business.

Vesti’s case in numbers:

  • ⅓ of Vesti’s employees were recruited via Workana Business;
  • Talent found in 5 different areas of expertise: administrative, design, back end, front end, customer service;
  • The company went from 15 to 35 professionals in two years;
  • Hiring at all levels: from junior to senior.

Workana Business is a business unit created especially to serve corporate clients, such as Vesti. When hiring this service, your company has an executive, who acts as a consultant and monitors your projects. Check out some of the advantages:

  1. More agility in the recruitment process;
  2. Access to specialized remote independent talent;
  3. A business partner who understands your needs and your company’s culture;
  4. Only one invoice per project, whatever the team size.

Do you also want to raise the bar for your business? Schedule an appointment with a Workana Business executive.

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