The best TED business talk summarized in five sentences

What is injustice? In addition to personally affecting us all in a different way, in his talk for TED in Milan in October 2017, Marco Alverá also describes how bad it is for the business world.

In times of increasingly bold ventures and projects, when the notion of employment and the employment relationship is gaining new contours, the Italian-American entrepreneur and CEO of Snam (Europe’s largest natural gas company) shows how important it is for a company to do what is right and to take on new challenges ─as long as they are in a fair environment.

Alverà also points out that this idea is supported by current neuroscience, since the human being possesses an innate sense of justice.

Here at Workana we believe that good work is more than just doing a project the right way; it includes understanding what the other needs, adding value and generating results, and spreading the company’s values.

Now, let’s read Alverà’s talk summarized in five sentences that can make a difference ─in all business models─ whether they are traditional with their jobs and fixed salaries, or even modern startups, which have remote teams and freelancers in their team of collaborators. Take a look!

1. “Polarization is not good in business”

According to Alverà, “removing injustice and promoting equality” should be a priority. In practice, it means avoiding your company from being a polarized place, where your team works “everyone on their own” and for what they believe, expecting only a certain reward.

In past decades, it was common for the best professionals to earn more and more incentives, while those who produced less had cause for concern. This system of goals and awards that served only to motivate those who were already motivated created an aura of discontent in some, while others continued to strive for the company.

These two sides (those who strive for the brand and those who act only for themselves) must not exist. In a business that works, the whole team is involved and motivated to progress, because they understand that this way everyone wins.

2. “Our machines went on to demonstrate skills never before seen”

It’s a fact that we live in another age, one that gets faster and faster and with significant changes every year. Machines, artificial intelligence, technology, all of it is replacing much of the potential that was previously exclusively human. The differential, therefore, must be based on the company’s vision and objectives, by including team and talent in such a way that they feel valued.

According to Alveràn, 70% of American professionals are uncommitted to their jobs. Caring for the human side of the company is urgent and probably one of the only sure ways to achieve goals and make everyone feel motivated and part of the success.

3. “Know what you’re doing”

Knowing your business allows you to take risks. But to make this possible, it’s important to understand the values of your brand and what you want your consumers to understand.

Good ideas fail every day because they fail to reach the public in a way that people really feel involved. That’s why it’s so important that everyone values what your brand preaches─ both you and your team.

4. “Value what you are trying to do, not just the result”

Marco Alverà cites the example of a colleague who spent a billion from a company, drilling seven dry wells, finding oil only in the eighth.

It is important to value your team for their efforts and dedication. When your team knows that the company is betting on talent, and that they will not be penalized for silly mistakes or even bad luck, the possibility of favoring numbers and good results is much greater.

Your team needs to feel part of the community, part of the system of success, and that’s why the company needs to be fair to everyone. So everyone can play their part without worrying about unfair rules, company’s policies, ambition or fear.

5. “Trust your team”

Whether it’s a permanent team or remote workers (or both!), learn how to relate with confidence.

Every new talent brought in must be hired to add up, that is, their talents and skills with your brand.

At Workana, we have a number of freelance professionals, spread throughout the world, who are experienced and talented. Even in our team we have professionals who work from different countries, all in search of the same ideals.

In a fair company, there is no room to be defensive. They all work in the best possible way and are optimal when carrying out team projects because they trust each other and believe in what the brand has to offer.

Click on the following link to watch Marco Alverà’s talk in its entirety:

Entrepreneurship may be changing rapidly, but the essence of a great brand needs to be maintained with its proper importance. It cannot be altered or obscured by situations that prevent your employees from giving their best and feeling valued. That’s why acting justly is so important.

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