Gallery: 12 inspiring illustrations by our freelancers

Since 2012, Workana has been helping to change the way companies and professionals view freelance work. There are thousands of projects published every week, plus thousands of professionals registered on our platform. And the category “Design and Multimedia” is the second most required category.

Also, Workana has thousands of freelance illustrators who work with a variety of clients, as a company needs a designer for several tasks. They are responsible, for example, for producing their advertising, social media content, logos, image and video editions, as well as illustrations in general.

That is why we are very proud to have such talented professionals on our platform! And to give you an idea of how amazing our designers are, we’ve put 12 inspiring illustrations in our gallery – take a look at them below!

1. “Magia en Agua” (“Magic in the water”)

The illustration made by Derly Hernández Sierra, from Colombia, is a digital watercolor made for printing on jewelry wrappers.

2. “Divina Pastora” (“Beautiful Shepperdess”)

The art was created by Anabel Gonzalez, a designer from Venezuela, for T-shirt prints. Among Gonzalez’s main skills are branding, social networking images, banners and logos.

3. “Jinx”

Nathalia Britto’s illustration is a digital painting, a recreation of the character Jinx from League of Legends. The freelancer is Brazilian and works with photo editing, among other things.

4. Bilbo Baggins

One more recreation on our list: the character Bilbo Baggins, from “The Lord of the Rings”, made by the Brazilian Nathan Monção. The artist defines himself as “driven by creation” and his skills include the design of logos and covers, as well as illustrations and graphic design.

5.  Arte Vectorial (“Vectorial Art”)

Jaqueline Evangelista’s work involves creation and illustration as well as image editing for advertising purposes. The freelancer is from Brazil and its specialties are computer graphics and brand identity.

6. Mascota (“Pet”)

Brazilian freelancer Sara Gomes has extensive experience with pets, as seen in the following illustration, as well as pamphlets, logos and images for social networks.

7. “Ilustración de familia” (“Family illustration”)

The art is by the designer Guillermo Corrêa, from Brazil. The professional also does video and animation editing.

8. “Expo Fantastica” (“Fantastic Expo”)

The illustration below is part of the “Fantastic Expo” collection. This and other images can be seen in the portfolio of Colombian freelancer Juliana Maz Mutis, who specializes in branding and design.

9. “Juanita”

The illustration by the Argentinean designer Andrés Marin was made for the project “Los enredos de Juanita”.

10. Marzia Bisognin

The art of the freelancer Milla Trigo, from Brazil, is a cartoon by the Italian author Marzia Bisognin. Milla also works with game development and art direction.

11. Vivian Saad’s Illustration

The illustration by Brazilian freelancer Vivian Saad was published in the Colores Latinos Catalogue, one of the best Latin American illustrations of 2016 by the University of Palermo, in Buenos Aires.

12. “Cacería” (“Hunt”)

Illustration by freelancer Edson Cavalcante Tavares, who specializes in illustrations, concept art and graphic design.

These and many other freelance artists are at your disposal on the Workana platform, professional designers who live in the most diverse places, able to make a difference for your brand and your company – because there are no geographical barriers here!

To hire them, create your project right now. It’s easy and free!

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