Psychology of colors: how to use them to double your sales

Have you noticed that many organic companies use the color green in their logo? Have you noticed the number of business books with blue and orange covers?

This happens for a very simple reason: colors are capable of attracting the public. In the first case, green refers to nature, making customers think of plants and trees, elements that are quickly associated with a healthy lifestyle.

In contrast, blue and orange represent successful careers, clear and friendly information. These are the colors chosen by Itaú Bank, for example, for its logo and products.

Understand the Psychology of Colors in Marketing

The psychology of colors is a powerful thing. Colors “come up” to the mind and awaken feelings, before than images or texts do so. And that’s why they’re so important in Marketing.

Think of the famous red and yellow McDonald’s duo. Or even in the purple color of Nubank or Yahoo! They are colors that are already part of the identity of each brand and help the consumer to identify them anywhere.

Designers, color specialists, know how they provoke thoughts and emotions. And they use this knowledge to help entrepreneurs connect with their clients, even before they know your brand name.

In a study titled “Impact of Color in Marketing,” researchers found that about 90% of the quick judgments made by consumers are based on color alone.

Regarding the role that color plays in the brand, the results of another study also show that the relationship between brands and colors depends on the perceived adequacy of the color used to represent the brand.

Does the color “fit” with what is being sold? The consumer manages to make this association, although unconsciously, when looking at the product. And if the color reveals itself far from what the product offers, it will be difficult for a client to buy or use it. That’s why the professional designer is so important when it comes to setting up your business, and Workana can help you with that! Here are some tips on how to use colors ideally. Check them out!

1. Color defines the “climate” of the company

What do you want people to think about your brand? Let’s imagine you choose red, which indicates power. But what shade of red would be ideal?, how light or dark should it be? and should it be highlighted in bold or not?

All these questions are fundamental when deciding the color that will represent your brand. If we go back to the example of red, it is this questioning that will define whether the color of your brand will be perceived as energetic or will be irritating and frowned upon.

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Plus, you’ll need to find the right color not just for the billboards or the cover. This shade should also look harmonious and evoke the same feelings on a business card or in a simple letterhead.

2. Create your own color palette

Let’s imagine you’ve chosen blue. This will be the main color of your logo, products and even your office. But let’s be honest: it’s quite complicated to paint absolutely everything in the SAME color, isn’t it? Well, this is where your company’s color palette comes in.

For a complete and dynamic look, you will need to define a complete color palette, involving from 4 to a maximum of 24 colors. Together, they should form a good combination without causing any “shock”.

If you chose blue as your main color, there should be, for example, other lighter and darker shades of blue, in addition to gray and some white. A good palette will provide sufficient options for the surfaces, structures, accessories and office materials related to your business.

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3. The ideal designer

You’ll need a professional to help you with all the news. And if you don’t have specific ideas, just describe your business, your clients and what kind of audience you want to attract.

A good Design professional will know how to suggest exactly what you need and also create your ideal color palette, as he or she understands these topics.

Then, after achieving your ideal shades to capture consumers and make your business grow, it will be a matter of harvesting good results. Click here to meet some of the best freelance graphic designers around the world on Workana.

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4. Freelancers

Possibly, you will find some sites that promise to create logos and color palettes for free. But the big problem is that not every CEO executive is a designer, right? And if this is your case, you won’t need a professional permanently, but you will need a freelance collaborator.

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