How to choose the right freelancer to carry out your project at Workana

You are determined to hire a freelancer and want to do it through Workana. Perfect! We recently told you what the first step is: Posting a project. Today we’ll explain how to successfully complete the next step: selecting the right candidate for you.

Before you start, remember that the overall process is very simple and consists of these 4 phases:


Let’s see it in depth…

How to choose the right freelancer to carry out your project

Once you post your project you will start receiving bids from freelancers interested in working for you. We will email you a short list of candidates to make it easier for you. And you can also access your account control panel at Workana to see all the bids you receive.

From here on, you can chat with the freelancers to get to know them better and ask them any questions you may have.

In addition, we recommend you look at their profiles for a complete overview. Here you can see what a freelancer profile looks like:

Now let’s take a closer look at what you can find out about each freelancer in their Workana profile:

1. Full name, hourly rate, specialty and skills.

Here you can also find out what level freelancers have in Workana and whether or not they are freelancers Pro. Freelancers who become Pro are the best quality on our platform. You can learn more about the Workana Pro service here.

2. Ranking and skills

In this section of the profile you can see the ranking freelancers among all Workana freelancers and how they rank in their main skills.

You can also see how many completed projects they have, how many they are currently working on, when they joined the platform and how many clients ratings they have.


3. Client ratings and feedback

Finally, you will be able to know how the clients with whom the freelancer has already worked, have rated this freelancer:



As you can see, knowing these facts will help you make a decision faster and with better results. And, of course, while they serve as a guide, don’t forget to contact the freelancers to get to know them better, find out how much they’ll charge you and determine how quickly they’ll get the job done. These details are essential to decide to work with one or the other.

As soon as you choose one, don’t delay, make the security deposit and the freelancer will start working for you. Do it with confidence, because your money is safe at Workana: the funds will only be released when you are satisfied with the professional’s result and give the OK.

We’ll soon talk more about this last topic so you can learn more about how Workana works and hire freelancers quickly and usefully whenever you need to. For now, we finish here to explain the aspects that you can know about each freelancer in their profiles.

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