We arrived in Asia with high expectations and an incredible team

Workana has been operating at full speed in Asia for a few weeks now.

We started with a focus on Malaysia and Singapore, but we offer our services to the entire region. If you haven’t done it already, we hope you’ll try our platform soon 🙂

We are the No. 1 search and recruitment platform for freelancers in Latin America, where we already have more than one million users.

Now we also want to become a benchmark for freelance recruitment in your region, where we are convinced that we will do a great job.  

Today we want to share with you the 4 main reasons that give us this self-confidence:

N°1: It’s the right time to do it

Freelancer recruitment is gaining more and more ground in the world. The working world is changing, and remote working is one of the foundations of the new economic era we are living in.

Choosing freelancers over hiring permanent employees is a smart choice for fast, quality results at the best price.    

N°2: We have the necessary experience

Workana is a startup that was born 6 years ago in Argentina. It started out as a small project. With a lot of commitment, dedication and good service, we grew to become the leader of the region.

In this chart you can see how the growth that we have had year after year has been:

As you will know, it was a process in which we matured and learned a great deal.

This experience allowed us to perfect the process of searching and hiring freelancers. And so, today we feel it is time to expand and offer our services to the Asian community.

N°3: We have strategic partners in the region

In early 2018, we received a USD 7 million investment from our Australian partner SEEK.

Part of this capital aims to reach Asia, as we are doing. But this partnership with SEEK goes far beyond the monetary and it will help us better understand how to move in the region and how to offer the best possible service.

You see, one of the SEEK companies is JobStreet, a well known portal in Asia. We are also in contact with them.

Having these two strategic partners on our side will help us better understand the region and meet the needs and expectations of our Asian users.

N°4: We have a great team

Yes, it’s true. And we tell you about it because we’re so proud of it. At Workana, we already have more than 40 people in different countries. While our headquarters are in Buenos Aires, Argentina, part of our team is based in Brazil. And, very soon, we will open offices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

All the members of the team work with passion and dedication to offer you a quality service.  

If you are a freelancer, we want you to find the projects that best suit your expectations.

And if you are a client, we want you to have the chance to hire the freelancers you need, at the best cost and get fast and quality results.

More than one million users have already trusted Workana.

Let’s hope you join this community too.

If you want to hire freelancers, post a project by clicking here. It’s free of charge.

We’ll meet again soon.


Tomás O´Farrell – Co-Founder and CEO of Workana




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