Success Case: How freelancers became a world of new possibilities for big multinationals like Veeder-Root.

About a year ago the business processes optimization specialist through technological tools, Javer Rivas Arcos, 40 years-old, from Bogota, Colombia, found himself leaving behind a long corporate career for the simple desire to grow professionally. 

He dreamed of a more comfortable lifestyle where he could work and apply his knowledge according to his own personal planning. It’s even a bit odd to say that an employee left their job to grow… Yes, that could be the case in the past, but not today!

Javer realized that to climb even higher steps in his professional life, he would have to make a complete turnaround and dedicate himself to carrying out his own dreams instead of the dreams and growth of a third party.

He walked his own path and kept moving because he realized that with all the knowledge he had in his training area, he could make invaluable contributions to many national and international companies working from his own home or from anywhere in the world.

Besides, as a consultant, he would have the great opportunity of meeting other cultures, languages ​​and new ways of work. Learn some more about this new professional moment of his.

Finding time for what really matters!

In a short interview, Javer told us that what he likes most about his life as an independent professional is being able to have an even better quality of life and being able to share more time with his family and, of course, having more time for other activities that was nearly impossible to have.

Before, when he worked in the traditional work schedule, he felt trapped, with no time for anything, and now he has the assurance of being able to enjoy other things in life besides work.

In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his two daughters and wife because, after so many years working outside the house with extra hours, he’s seeking most of all to recover the time he didn’t have to spend with his family.

Of course, we’re not even talking about how managing his own projects and his own agenda he can exercise and carry out physical activities and have a much healthier life than before. 

Working as a freelancer was the right decision for him to have total control of his life, working on what he wants to and not something that is imposed on him.

The importance of the dynamic between the relationship of customers and professionals in Workana

Approximately two years ago, Javer registered and created his profile in Workana and found that being an active freelancer in the platform could be a huge competitive advantage and bring many benefits!

Of everything, the one thing he most points out is the fact of not having to go out to offer his services door to door, nor does he need to be looking out for the customers’ needs, quite on the contrary! At Workana, customers publish their needs, detailing their requirements and from there the freelancer gets the responsibility of seeking out these opportunities on a daily basis, make proposals and close deals! 

And here we can also highlight the importance of being an active freelancer, because the higher the level on the platform, the more connections are available to the professional’s profile. This is a way for us to recognize the professional growth of each professional that dedicates themselves to doing a good job.

Regarding the Proposal Conversion Journey, having more weekly connections is something that really makes a difference: the more proposals are sent out, the higher the chances of closing a deal! When the freelancer understands this journey, he gets into an excellent production cycle!

For Javer, his biggest dream is working to form a great work team and be considered the best option in his region when it comes to solutions for increased productivity software, “I’ve been making good projects on the platform and was very highly rated in all of them!” 

Why are the big companies choosing freelancers?

Many people still believe that only startups or small businesses hire freelancers! And that’s no longer true! We can guarantee that well-structured multinational companies also hire freelancers for specific tasks.

Sometimes they end up looking for certain types of professionals to carry out a few tasks that couldn’t be performed by their own employees, even because of a strategic issue. That’s why you can easily find big companies posting projects on our platform looking for candidates for their projects.

And this was precisely the case of Veeder-Root. With over 100 years in the global market, Veeder-Root is a reference in the market segment of counters, process indicators, timers, hour meters, tachometers, and hubodometers. They design projects for control, detection, and indication of industrial sequences complexes. Their headquarters is located in Elizabethtown, a city located in Kentucky, in the United States.

In a project that took in Colombia, they needed a proven and experienced professional to observe, document and record the installation of a new oil tank for the company.

And that was how Javer found them. He applied for the proposal published by Veeder-Root in Workana and carried out a very complex job for this North American multinational.

He had all of these requirements and was hired for this project to be the person responsible for the investigation of the installation site.

For the project, he even added a sticker to this car to identify him as the official representative of the company in that freelance job. This kind of attitude shows his commitment and responsibility to the work he performed.

Workana is the source of freelance talent from anywhere in the world!

The number of professionals like Javer, who work independently, is expanding because the number of companies that hire freelancers doesn’t stop growing and the reasons for that are many, and it makes perfect sense from an economic point of view of each business.

The economy in hiring this type of labor is not about offering lower wages/payments but because often a business doesn’t need certain types of services for a long time, as in the case we presented earlier.

It wouldn’t make sense for Veeder Root to send a representative from the United States to Colombia! They knew they could count on the help of a professional who was outside of their corporate base, with the specific skills for a one-time job. Resorting to freelance and remote talent was the perfect match!  

Freelancers like Javer add much value to businesses. Professionals who give their all for each client tend to be ambitious, agile, hugely qualified, widely experienced and highly disciplined. These are the kind of features that make freelancers the most desirable and employable workers on the market.

And it’s precisely all these features and expertise that large companies find on our platform. We have become a reference for these companies, in addition to them recognizing us as a new way of being able to carry out their projects, as they find in partners like us thousands of available and skilled workers, who can be anywhere in the world and with the skills and knowledge they need immediately.

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