Explore your natural talents: the secret to success in a freelance career!

Achieving success in a freelance career is directly linked to one important factor: knowing your natural talents!

One thing is certain: remote work and a freelance career are an absolute success! Of course, more and more people are attracted to all the benefits of home office, the better quality of life and the digital nomadism, where you can work from anywhere in the world!

In our non-stop pursuit of success, it's common to find professionals who seek the most valued and well-paid careers in remote work and forget that, for professional success to happen, we must understand what are our best qualities, that is, those features that lead us to really achieve our goals, and achieve them with extraordinary results.

Knowing how to take advantage of her natural talents was what led professional freelancer Madiha Athar to pursue her freelance career in the area of Graphic Design and Animation.

Know a little about her history

Madiha Athar is a 25-year-old Design & Multimedia professional based in Karachi, Pakistan. Married and mother to a 3-year-old son, she divides her time between her activities as a mother, wife and professional (her husband also works with content creation). Today she works full time as a freelancer and is able to juggle the possibility of being closer to her family and being able to take care of her house, son and husband.

Her expertise in illustration and image editing, which are her greatest expertise, came precisely from her natural talents and her passion for drawing and painting. Prior to starting her freelance work at Workana, she had never worked at any other company before. 

For Madiha, Workana has brought her the opportunity to broaden her knowledge through the various projects that were already executed by her and one of the things she likes most is being able to count on the benefits of the Premium plan. With a large number of weekly proposals, she can apply for several projects weekly and thereby increase her chances of winning new jobs frequently.

Also, because of the Premium plan coupled with her talent and professionalism, Madiha rose to third place in her region's ranking in her category in less than a year. With over 60 projects completed and 11 rehirings, her ratings and reviews couldn’t be better!

Besides, being a freelance professional gives Madiha the chance to make a dream come true of traveling the world with her family! And we know that this is a reality! Remote work allows anyone to do their work while traveling or living anywhere in the world! It's increasingly common for us to see digital nomad stories.

One advice she has to anyone who wants to become a freelancer is this:

'It doesn't matter what you do, but do it with passion and work hard. The job can be big or small, always do it with enthusiasm.'

Madiha Athar

Now that you know a little more about Madiha, shall we understand why this advice she gave us is so important?

What is the relationship between success x gift x talent?

Knowing what your gift and talent are is crucial to your life as a professional freelancer because when you know your skills better and hone your abilities, you become the perfect person to do a certain kind of activity, and you won't even break a sweat.

The word gift comes from the Latin donus, meaning blessing, present. That means it's the innate ability to perform a particular task with dexterity, even in aspects that seem really complex to most people.

Talent, while very similar to a person’s gift, differs in that it's a skill that can be developed and perfected by a person. You may have a pre-established aptitude and want to develop this talent.

Developing your talents requires a lot of training, discipline and planning, and, of course, perseverance! Thomas Edson once said: 'Talent is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration'.

As such, just looking for what pays most money or is hot in the market is not always the right formula to success. You have to like what you do, know how to do it and do it with ease.

When you discover your top talents or even your gift, the best thing to do is to relate them to your professional area of ​​interest, your skills and, with that, how to pursue your career.

One tip is to ask yourself:

  • What is easy for me to do?
  • What I am willing to study?
  • What hobbies and activities do I enjoy in my free time?
  • What I do or would do for free without getting anything in return?
  • What do I hate doing?
  • What skills involved in my hobbies could I put to use in the job market?

What about you? What would you do if you could develop your natural talents to the fullest? What would you be able to accomplish and achieve? Have you ever wondered how success in your freelance career could make you happy and give you everything you ever wanted to be or do?

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