TOP FREELANCERS: The profile, the key to becoming a successful professional within Workana

Think about your social networks: surely you constantly update them with your best profile picture, your favorite activities, and all the news that happen in your daily life. Now think about your Workana or Linkedin profile, or your CV. Do you have any idea of ​​how long it’s been since you updated them?

 One of the key secrets to becoming a successful freelancer is that you give the same importance to updates on your social networks to building your working relationships through a profile that reflects the evolution of your skills and achievements as a professional.

Certainly, since you created your profile or since you last modified it, you’ve learned a lot, completed more and more ambitious projects. But if your information remains the same, you are very likely missing valuable opportunities.

So, in today’s article, we will make a timely review of the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” that you should make in your Workana profile. Many of these tips also apply to your Linkedin profile, your online CV, and even your personal website.

Ready? Let’s get to them.

Do’s: 7 Factors To Consider For A Spectacular Workana Profile

Let’s go from the most basic to the most complex. Use these points as a checklist and make sure that all of them are met.

1.- Have a quality profile photo and caption that represents you

The first thing clients look at on a freelancer’s profile is the photo. If your profile picture is not a professional and good quality one, it is very likely that they will immediately discard your proposal, as they will think that the rest of your profile is also careless, and, therefore, your work.

The importance of the image we project in digital media is undeniable these days. You may have the most complete and attractive profile, but if your photo doesn’t go with it, it will represent a considerable obstacle to be taken into consideration. So, look for a photo with an excellent resolution where people can see you smiling and professional-looking. It can even contain some elements of your own workspace. If your profile is for a Startup or an entrepreneur, you can use the logo as your main image.

Also, along with your profile picture, you have the option of adding a caption, a famous phrase that represents you. Choose one that projects the perfection of your work philosophy or professional specialty.

2.- Name the most important of your career path

In your profile description or the “About Me” field, the important thing is that you manage to express who you are, what you can do, how and why you differ from other freelancers in your area. Forget about making an everlasting list of your academic and/or work achievements and just mention what’s most relevant. Try to integrate everything into a statement that makes it clear to others who you are as a professional and as a person.

3.- Select skills that show your expertise

It’s not enough to say that you are a graphic designer, business writer or video editor. The profiles that earn the most and the best projects are those that know how to show a particular expertise, which is what customers are usually looking for.

For example, if you are a business copywriter but only write copy for websites, corporate blogs, or social networks, make it clear in your descriptions or skills.

4.- Include career goals and objectives

Often, the customer has a clear goal for their project, but not the technical requirements and skills they need on it. So, also try to express what you do in terms of the final goals that can help your customers:

5.- Link your work portfolio

Workana offers you a fabulous option so you can link your Behance work portfolio to your profile. And that’s not just for freelancers in the design area, because you can also build a portfolio of screenshots, writing, marketing, and even finance pieces.

Remember: whenever you complete a project, keep files that can support your experience and show your clients the most representative and varied images of your work to charm them.

6.- Be sure to create a profile that has your personal touch.

Once you have completed all the previous steps on your profile, now is the time to take a last look to be sure of one really important detail: making sure that it follows your personality and essence.

According to each professional, there are those freelancers who are of more serious and others who are more laid back, and designing this is critical to bonding with clients and projects that best fit the way they like to communicate and work.

7.- Ask for enriching reviews!

Finally, consider that the reviews on your profile are crucial to whether or not a prospect client hires you. You may have a unique description, but if the reviews are not enriching, they will surely seek out other professionals. So, don’t be shy and, when you finish a project, let the client know how important it is to have their opinion about your work.

At Workana, it’s important that, in addition to the stars, clients and freelancers alike take their time to describe what their mutual experience on the project was like.

Don’ts: What Never To Do on Your Workana Profile

Just as there are good practices to undertake on your Workana profile and make your profile more professional and attractive, there are also some huge mistakes that can ruin your whole effort. Avoid them!

1.- Neglect spelling and not using proper language

You may have the best skills and experience in your area of ​​expertise, but if your profile is misspelled, or the writing is sloppy, clients won’t give you a chance to go any further. If spelling and writing definitely isn’t your forte, we strongly recommend that you ask a professional to review the text on your profile before posting it.

On the other hand, always avoid using excessively informal language, or on the contrary, full-out technical terms. Put yourself in the client’s shoes and use language that builds trust and interest.

2.- Include skills that you don’t master

Honesty is a key element in our platform. As tempting as it may be, if you don’t master a skill 100%, don’t go the easy way by adding it as part of your profile. It is far better to include few but well-specialized and related skills than to try to cover all the subspecialties in your area, while you aren’t yet an expert on the subject.

3.- Don’t write it as a CV or put unnecessary information in the work history section

Consider that clients typically look at many profiles of freelancers who they’re looking to collaborate on their project. For this reason, they really don’t have much time to read long-winded descriptions in the work history section that are more like the writing in a Curriculum Vitae. In fact, many freelancers make this mistake of copying and pasting their CV, which results in long and tiring profiles to read.

Remember: show your experience and titles briefly and in a nutshell; you really don’t have to include where you graduated, or your first job in an internet café.

4.- Not updating it

Finally, the worst of all the mistakes you can make in your Workana profile and any network is not keeping it up to date. Do this at least every two to three months, to go over what new skills may be included and to upload recent samples of your work. This way, you will win more and more projects focused on what you are looking for and, of course, better paid.

At Workana, we want to continue fostering a transparent work culture focused on quality and professional success. The first step you take as a freelancer is creating the best possible profile and, obviously, giving your best in every project you get.

Do you have more advice or comments about the Do’s and Don’ts of a Hero-quality profile?

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