Freelancer Benefit Plans: How do I Benefit From Them?

At Workana, we want to support your career as a freelancer and provide you with everything you need so you can work on the best projects and maintain a steady stream of clients and work. That’s why our Benefit Plans evolve with you and offer exclusive advantages that adapt to your needs. 

What Are Benefit Plans?

They’re a smart and inexpensive investment that supports your commitment as a part-time or full-time freelancer. In exchange, you receive advantages on the platform that help increase your likelihood of getting hired for projects, facilitate communication with clients, multiply the availability of your payments, and give you access to strategic information about the competition.

Currently, we offer three different plans: 

  • PLUS, 

Advantages to Workana Benefit Plans

When you sign up for our Benefit Plans, you can confirm if the client read your proposal, find out which other professionals applied to the project, and, if you’re not selected, see who was selected to work on the project. This will help you learn how to better communicate with clients and learn about which types of profiles they choose.

You can also use this information to better determine if it’s worth it to use a weekly connects depending on the number of proposals that a project has already received. The fewer proposals a project has, the higher your chance of success. Knowledge is power! 

With the PREMIUM plan, you can also see the status of other freelancers’ proposals (in conversation, eliminated, favorite, invited, etc.) and even take a look at the average budget for a project’s proposals.

Special Benefit 1: More Weekly Connects

Your available weekly connects are equivalent to the number of proposals that you can send. When you sign up on the Workana platform, you start with the FREE plan that includes six connects, and that number increases when you level up. Benefit plans allow you to automatically increase by 5, 15, and 50 weekly connects respectively. Of course, the more proposals you send, the more likely you are to get hired to work on a project

Special Benefit 2: More Ongoing Projects 

Depending on your freelancer level, (IRON, GOLD, HERO, etc) you have the right to a certain number of simultaneously active projects. With benefit plans, you can manage more projects at the same time (including unlimited ongoing projects) and demonstrate that you’re a pro.  

Special Benefit 3: Increase Your Visibility

Benefit plans allow you to put more categories, skills, and certifications on your profile which allow you to appear in more client searches and receive more invitations to projects. Best of all, these invitations do not count toward using your available weekly connects.

Special Benefit 4: Be the First to Know

We make sure that PREMIUM plan members receive notifications about new projects in their area of expertise so freelancers don’t have to spend time searching for the best opportunities. PREMIUM plan members can also follow up to 20 of your favorite clients’ activity in detail.  

Special Benefit 5: Manage Your Withdrawals on Your Terms

The FREE plan has the right to monthly fund withdrawal. With a benefit plan, you can make withdrawals every 15 days or even once a week.

Which Plan is the Best One For Me?

If you’re a newcomer to freelancing and to the platform and you’re just getting started with projects, we suggest you try the PLUS plan and move up as you work with more clients. 

If you’re a newcomer to Workana but you have experience as a freelancer, we suggest the PROFESSIONAL plan.

If you’re a full-time freelancer, and Workana is your main source of clients, a PREMIUM plan is your best bet.

You can learn more about the benefits that each plan offers here:

How Do I Sign Up for a Benefit Plan?

It’s easy! If you have money in your Workana account, all you have to do is go to the plan section and choose the one you want. The amount will automatically be deducted from your Workana account on a monthly basis. If you don’t have any money in your account, you can enter a credit or debit card number. We’ll always give preference to taking payment for the plans out of your Workana account. 

Remember that you save 20% when you choose to pay on a quarterly basis. 

Special Packages: An Alternative to Benefit Plans

We know that not everyone has the same needs, especially newcomers to the platform, so we’ve increased our exclusive benefits access options with our one-time special packages:

  • Starter: Perfect for new freelancers who are starting to work with Workana and want to get hired for their first project. The starter plan gives you all the benefits of a PLUS plan for three months plus 50 extra contacts and vive consultations with our experts to send the best proposals. 
  • Expert: Perfect for freelancers who are just starting at Workana and want to boost their reputations quickly. The expert plan gives you all the benefits of a PREMIUM plan for three months, plus 200 extra contacts and unlimited consultations with our experts to get hired for more and better projects. You’ll also start at the BRONZE level instead of IRON. 

We want your freelance lifestyle to bring you peace of mind and job security. The quality of your work deserves a boost: invest in the best work tool, a personalized benefit plan. It’s the best investment you can make as a freelancer!

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