[Download] Inspire yourself with our editorial calendar and improve your content planning

Download the Editorial Calendar for your Blog and learn how to plan your content like a pro

Besides, we've added some tips to help you overcome, once and for all, your fear of the blank page.

1. Know your audience

If you identify who you're talking to, you'll define the best content according to their interests, technical know-how and demographic profile.

Make yourself the following questions:

  • Who will I address? Do they know me?
  • Which sort of relationship do we have?
  • What do they expect from me?
  • Are they technicals? Professionals?

2. Set your target

In order to use this Content Marketing strategy it is essential to be confident about why and what you want it for. Aim at clear goals that may motivate you to keep going, the key for a successful Blog.

Make yourself the following questions:

  • Why do I need a blog?
  • Does it contribute to my commercial goals?
  • Which is the conversion?
  • How should I measure performance?

3. Choose the right type of content

A creative vertical or editorial is a section created to serve as the backbone of different  topics of interest so that you can cover all the topics that users expect to hear from you.

Make yourself the following questions:

  • What topic can I talk about?
  • Do they want news, trends, advice, success stories?
  • Something about the current situation that I should monitor?

4. Set your frequency

It's extremely important to give continuity to this strategy. To do that, you need to think on which the actual possibilities of creating content are, then appoint a distribution frequency. Take into account that there are good and not-so-good moments to upload content.

Uploading on a Friday night and sharing the content on social media – if topic is too related to work – will probably mean it won't be read until later on. If that is the case, do not upload any new content on top! Handle each article as a piece of art.

Make yourself the following questions:

  • Which days/time of the day can I find my target audience?
  • Do I have enough content to make it daily/weekly/bimonthly?

5. Gather all the information into a document

This Editorial Calendar will help you get organized and come to definitions with your clients.

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