Workana Success Case: ABC Seams, a reference in standardization in the fashion world!

Keeping a competitive business, regardless of its market, in an efficient and profitable way is a challenge for any company. In the fashion industry, it isn’t very different! On the contrary …

This is a very extensive supply chain that begins with cloth patterns, specific types of fibers, stylists, designers, seamstresses.All teams need to be in perfect sync so that the final product goes out as planned!

And you can ask yourself: why are talking about this here on Workana’s Blog? Because it was from the need to create standards for the fashion industry that Belu Chi created ABC Seams, and expanded its business with the help of freelancers hired through Workana!

Follow with us another one of our success cases!

Find out more about ABC Seams and its founder.

Living for many years in Barcelona, ​​Spain, Belu Chi started working in the fashion industry as a technical designer, where for each new clothes she made she filled out information sheets, which is precisely the document that the sewing studios need to start production on the clothes.

Belu, when she met her current husband, moved from Barcelona to Cairns, a super touristy town north of Australia (the closest point the Barrier Reef).

When this change happened, she wanted to use all her knowledge to create a standardization in the manufacturing process for the fashion industry. 

First came the Design lessons for garments and, for the last 3 years, she is currently fully dedicated to her project ABC Seams, which teaches everyone involved in the confection process to recognize each type of stitching using a standard code, allowing everyone to be on the same page during the manufacturing process. 

So, during the process, anyone involved can be sure of what was asked and what will be delivered. 

Along with her partner, they turned this idea into a first book that is sold both in the online version through Amazon, as well as in a printed version. While the book is widely used by students and teachers, the website itseçf is more used by companies.

The company is a huge success, much more than they expected, and they’re already working on a second book and looking at new markets for expansion.

A revolutionary podcast!

Belu got to know Workana listening to a productivity podcast. She set up her profile and created her first project, requesting proofreading of a post for the ABC Seams Blog.  

The results were so good that she’s now using our platform to edit her second book and also translate it to new languages!

Her book already has versions in Portuguese, Russian, Mandarin, and Malay. And it doesn’t stop there: four new versions are already being planned. All the freelancers involved in the projects did very well, and Belu is extremely happy with the results she got. 

Also, she recognizes that all this growth was only due to the possibility of accessing talent on a global scale, even living in such a small and remote town. Freelancers are not limited geographically, and this allows companies to set up partnerships with the best minds to carry out their job

Belu was delighted with this working model and already has plans for next year when a new book is coming out! She seeks to expand her freelancer team even further, hiring, for example, a designer and an Online Marketing expert. This way she can have more time to think of new content and new ways for ABC Seams.

Partnership with the best minds!

There are many advantages to forming partnerships with freelancers when expanding a company. The first major advantage is, as it was the case with Belu, that the entrepreneur has more time to think and focus on their own business.

As freelancers work on a few different projects at the same time, they are constantly improving themselves and expanding their knowledge to acquire new skills, which in the end reflects an up-to-date and innovative approach to business.

Usually, when a company is growing, as ABC Seams, there are times when there’s a lot of work and others, not so much. Having a team of freelancers allows a company to reduce costs and thereby increase profit margins.

Establishing partnerships will further ensure the entrepreneur versatility and a high-quality workforce. Often with full-time employees, there’s a longer learning curve, whereas in a partnership with skilled freelancers it’s possible to get high value more quickly.

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