Personal marketing and freelancing (part II): This is how you get your best clients and keep growing

At the first part of this article, we revised seven self-promotion strategies, which, as a whole, prove invaluable to any professional who is stepping in the freelance world.

This second delivery will be devoted to those professionals who already have some experience as independent workers and want to continue growing, getting increasingly larger projects and building customer loyalty.

Once again, I am basing on the strategies that have been successful to me in order to win projects within and outside Workana alike, and I will try to share them in the most objective and honest way as possible.

How to promote your work as a freelancer when you already hold some senior background experience?

The worse thing to do once you get your first fixed clients and start gaining stability in the freelance field is being trustful, thinking that the workflow will be constant all the time.

Keep in mind that these first satisfactions are only a part of the way and not the final goal. Therefore, you must always set greater challenges.

If you don’t keep evolving and learning, bad times may cause a big break in your balance. Moreover, a subtle change in the trends of your field of expertise may put you in great disadvantage. Once you are on the right track to be a freelancer, don’t forget to make room for the following strategies which will enable that you continue growing permanently.

1.- Invest in your website

Surely your profile at Workana is fabulous, and your works portfolio makes pretty clear those skills you manage. However, since we are in the age of transformation, not having a website can turn into a competitive disadvantage.  

One option is beginning with a free WordPress site and start testing the image you will cast on your potential clients on the web. You may also integrate a blog where you can share your success, as well as tips and news.  

Before purchasing your own domain (available at quite modest prices), dive into SEO criteria and learn to use all the tools offered by the platform and take full advantage of them.

Another excellent choice is to turn to one of the many colleagues specialized in web page design, also available at Workana. Nobody like a freelance will understand better and straightforwardly what your needs are.

2.- Build a portfolio that will provide access to more complex projects.

Most probably, after your working as a freelance collaborator in different projects, you will note that you manage many key features of your professional field of expertise and that you feel more experienced and trustful.  

At this point, the feared “comfort zone” shows up, and you must avoid falling into it by all means. It is the moment to take on more significant challenges and show you are up to more complex projects.  

For example, I started as a marketing copywriter using the criteria posed by the client.  Later, I became capable of developing copywriting standards of my own. Afterwards, I dared to build sales funnels, and nowadays I can manage whole marketing strategies for big and middle size enterprises alike.  

I achieved this by looking for projects that would allow me to learn, and then by daring to submit more ambitious proposals and setting up my portfolio’s structure according to the client’s particular needs.  

3.- Become a PRO

Once you have proved your professionalism and the quality of your work at Workana, you may become a “PRO” Freelancer. In this way, you may submit proposals to more experienced clients who are willing to pay better fees.

The advantages of being a PRO will be cast in more exciting projects, less competition and better income. You are requested to have an outstanding record of clients’ qualifications, a low percentage in mediations and at least three projects satisfactorily completed.  

Another way of gaining extra visibility and casting a more respectful image at Workana is enjoying the benefits of the Professional and Premium memberships.

In the past, the Plus benefits Plan helped me to send more proposals and communicating with clients more effectively. Now I enjoy Premium membership allowing me to appear in up to four search categories, add a lot of extra skills in my profile and track my key clients’ activity, getting funds whenever I want and having unlimited access to the platform’s support centre chat.

I pay less than USD 20 per month for my benefit plan. To be honest, I consider this is one of the more important investments in my work as a freelancer.

 4.- Build the team of your dreams

There was a moment when it turned evident that I was completely overloaded with work. I had a lot of new clients coming in with larger projects, but at the same time, I had many older clients providing a constant flow of minor projects, on which I had no intentions to give up.   

This workload led me to a not-so-healthy period during which I even worked twelve to thirteen hours a day. I was doing right with my finances, but I not enjoying my freelance life at all.

In the last delivery of this same article, one of the tip-points for freelancers was to “seek for a sensei”. Then I realized the time had come for me to turn into a sensei and start delegating the simpler projects to novice copywriters.

It wasn’t so easy to find allies who would share my same values at work, willing to learn and to whom I could trust with blind eyes those clients who were a fundamental part of my monthly billing.  

Investing time and effort in doing this was the only way to creating a freelance work-team that would support me and enable me to take full advantage of the job opportunities showing up.

5.-Don’t lose sight of your best clients

The best clients are those who rehire you. Therefore, apart from making sure that you deliver an amazing quality in your work, with that added value as your main feature, remember to always keep within their radar in case they miss your contact data.

To give an example: let’s say that a year ago, you had a grand project with a client. We highly recommend that you send him a message and make yourself available. You may even suggest being tested on some technology or a new strategy that has sneaked in your field of expertise trends in the last period.   

Remember that Workana helps you to promote long-term relationships with your clients by its using a sliding scale of commissions, providing you to pay lower fee-charges as long as you work together.

6.- Update your profile every two months

Alternatively, do it any time you learn something new. For sure, a couple of months ago you did not have the same skills and insight you now carry on your back. Don’t take for granted that your potential clients are aware of them: keep your profile updated.

Maybe you have reached the point to add a new category as part of your profile. That was precisely what happened to me: instead of keeping within the “copywriting and web content” category I also moved to “digital marketing”. Please take into account that you can always add some particular skills and sit for the platform’s certification tests.

7.- Promote that people continue recommending you

Clients’ recommendations are an essential part of freelancing. You have nothing to lose in reminding a client to recommend you right after you have left him satisfied and willing to continue working with you.   

There are many ways to promote recommendations, from discounts to specific thanksgiving, but you can also provide recommendations to clients and colleagues among them, whenever you see the opportunity of creating valuable connections.

It is a selfless sign of support that, in the long run, will turn into gratitude, further interest in your work and new opportunities for more relevant projects.  

At Workana, we want you to enjoy freelance job opportunities by 100%, and we know this starts up by the providing of those tools and tips that you need to continue developing from a professional standpoint.

Nothing causes more satisfaction than watching you achieving success, getting new projects and enjoying the many advantages of the freelance lifestyle.  

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