Eight Years and One Pandemic Later, We’re Breaking Everything

We founded Workana eight years ago.

When we started in 2012, we set out to convince people of the crazy idea that if people could hire people who they didn’t know and had never met in person, and everything would be ok.

At the time, breaking this barrier cost us a lot, especially in our world where face to face communication is so important.

Our eighth year, is (has been?) really different. The whole world is navigating uncharted territory and facing one of the largest crises that we’ve experienced in our lifetime (I hope…) Bluntly put, this has been a shitty year. There, I said it.

Although we can clearly talk about learning, opportunities, and ways that we can improve, it’s been a terrible year. How many of us haven’t hugged our parents or family members in months? My parents live 700 km away…Will I even be able to see them for Christmas?  I’m not the only person in this situation; many (if not all) of you are in the same boat. It’s enough to make someone want to change everything.

For Workana, the situation is bittersweet. On one hand, because of our objective and what we’ve been promoting for years, it can be easy to say, “See? See how you should have prepared?” But we don’t feel that way at all.

It feels like an alarm clock woke us up a little too early and a little too loudly after an incredibly hard night. It made us realize that now, more than ever, we have to stay up to date on the situation and take on the active role of helping others. We’re working to give companies the tools and incredible freelance talent they need so they can continue working, producing, and providing jobs. 

Where is Workana now?

After eight years, our days of preaching about the value of remote work are behind us; now we’re teaching the world how to do work remotely. We wish we were teaching these lessons under different circumstances, but now more than ever, our work has even more meaning for us.

That’s why we’re doing everything we can to empower companies to transform themselves with the help of Workana’s excellent freelance professionals. Over 180,000 freelancers signed up to use our platform in April (50% more than March.) We experienced a 20% increase in new companies who signed up to use our platform in comparison to February which had been our record month, and this record will be broken in May.

Everyone needs to adapt in order to cope with this new normal. Companies need to be able to operate, and professionals need projects to work on.

Now more than ever, we’re here for you. We’re here to help you find your purpose, connect with others, and work with the best talent available on their platform. We’re here to help the best companies around the world survive and even thrive.

We also want to be a vehicle so that people who need a job can find the perfect fit on our platform. We want to be a place where people can transform their careers and start fresh.

Happy birthday, Workana! Now more than ever, you must be so happy to exist. Because today, it’s clear that the world needs you.

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