How to take the first step in using BIG DATA with help from a freelancer

In today’s world, data is the new form of power in the market. The importance of structured and unstructured data is transcendental for brand positioning, boosting sales, and everything that commercialization implies.

If you want your company, startup, or business to get better results, you need to have data. However, the secret isn’t simply having a lot of data—but rather what you do with that information. To help you have a better understanding of Big Data, we’ve made a handy glossary for you.

The best-positioned brands in any sector—from e-commerce to retail and all its niches—have a handle on Big Data. This is why it’s important for you to know why and how to find a Big Data specialist.

The significance of Big Data for your company, startup, or business

Used at its maximum potential, Big Data can boost the scope and effectiveness of attraction, conversion, and customer loyalty strategies.

The technology is available to companies and businesses in any sector or industry—all you need is an expert in this area who can convert Big Data into a relevant tool for your objectives.

Here are just three of the most important advantages of Big Data for any type of company or organization:

#1: Big Data allows cost optimization

Thanks to data technology and analysis, companies get a cost advantage since they can avoid strategies which don’t yield results.

Through Big Data, technologies can be developed to optimize processes, reducing expenses and avoiding loss of time, energy, and money.

#2: Big Data offers a better decision-making climate

If you have a Big Data specialist, you have speed in information processing, in-memory analytics, and data source analysis, to name a few. All these tools enable you to make better marketing strategy decisions.

You’ll find more efficient ways to do business and establish relationships with potential clients, current clients, and providers.

#3: Big Data means more efficient creation of products and services

Big Data is important for companies because it helps measure client needs as well as satisfaction level. Predicting purchasing behaviors is a big advantage, and it’s possible with data processing technology.

Today, companies are creating better products and services, gaining ground in the market, and beating the competition, thanks to Big Data specialists.

Where to find a Big Data specialist

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of Big Data, it’s best to hire a specialist who can develop a project for your company that allows it to benefit from the information.

You could post a vacancy and interview professionals in your office; however, the best option is to enjoy the possibilities that remote work offers.

Our advice is that you allow Workana to serve you. Workana is our platform of freelancers where you can post a project and solicit proposals from professionals. The advantages of working this way are:

  • You will see talent from various countries
  • You can evaluate profiles with different Big Data specializations
  • You will have access to different budgets

Furthermore, by hiring a freelance Big Data specialist for remote work, you save money on physical workspace, payment of benefits, and the cost of work equipment, among other things.

So, connecting the benefits of Big Data with those of remote work results in taking greater advantage of the resources that the technological evolution makes available to companies, startups, and businesses.

Some recommended profiles in the Big Data area are:

What to consider when choosing a Big Data specialist

Now that you know the importance of Big Data for any type of company, in any market sector, and you know where to find a good professional, you should consider certain aspects when making your decision and hiring a freelance Big Data specialist.

  • Know the objective you want to achieve with your project and choose a professional whose profile demonstrates knowledge and skills in the necessary areas.
  •  Keep in mind that the Big Data profiles in highest demand are: Programmers, Technology architects, Data analysts, I+D project analysts, Data managers, and Data scientists.
  •  When it comes to soft skills, evaluate whether the freelancer is oriented toward the market of interest to your company.
  •  You should also choose a freelance Big Data specialist with planning and communication skills, as well as initiative in offering solutions and alternatives.

All these aspects can be verified through the freelancer’s proposal, and you may also interview them on chat to evaluate and inquire about their skills.

Workana offers you an additional advantage, which is that each of the professionals we recommended in the previous section has a profile you can access.

On each professional’s profile you will find comments and ratings for reference. If the freelancer has good ratings and reviews, you’ll be able to establish criteria about the results he or she could offer you.


Big Data offers multiple opportunities and benefits to companies. If you want a successful business, you can’t turn your back on technology—you need it as an ally.

The investment you’ll make in hiring a freelance Big Data specialist will have an extraordinary return. This means not only greater profits, but also maximum positioning, permanence, and authority for your business.

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