How and where to find a freelance digital-marketing-expert for your enterprise

As we are on the wave of e-commerce, we are increasingly doing things on the Internet. SMEs and start-ups have staked everything on this resource, and that is why 2.0’s era has taken the lead.

Nevertheless, as you already know by being an entrepreneur, it is not only about being on the web, on mobile phones and social networks, of course. You need to sell yourself, as well as you need advertising and that more people get to know you.

All this is marketing’s work, but not to be carried out in the conventional way accustomed to more than a decade ago. Now, this job is done through e-platforms, and it’s all about digital or online marketing.

The people at InboundCycle enlighten us by defining online marketing, stating that it comprises “(…) all those advertising or marketing actions and strategies performed on the Internet media and channels”.

Besides, they add that this movement has been ongoing since the ‘90s and that it has been the evolution experienced by technological channels what has prompted changes on this field’s strategies and tools.

However, one crucial question to be asked is:

Where lies the importance of digital marketing in comparison with other conventional strategies?  

To answer this question, we will check the numbers emerged from a study conducted by Smart Insights in collaboration with Technology for Marketing, and we will analyse the percentage of enterprises using digital marketing and working on the well-known post-digital world.  

To start with, they show that 83% of the organisations are already working with digital marketing; however, in the context of this study, they split this group into two areas, which also reflect an interesting analysis.

They have not only evaluated the use in itself but also this particular marketing aim, embodied in a specific strategy. That is how only 34% has a clear marketing strategy, in which both visions fuse with clearly defined tools.

Therefore, we are presenting a quite a remarkable picture.  

Firstly, you should consider a large number of organisations following this trend. Is your enterprise taking part in this?

Secondly, not only you should consider those hundreds of firms which are already taking part in the online market, but also take into account that to make an incursion and be successful you need a precise orientation and the help of an expert.

Where can I get an online marketing freelance expert?

In general, you may find an expert of this kind in some marketing strategy consulting firm, usually working in a team including other professionals such as the community manager, business experts and even programmers.

Be that as it may, these professional and consultancy packages usually represent a more substantial investment than getting an expert alone. Besides, maybe you already count with the other members of such a team, and you would rather dispense with the rest of the services.

Therefore, hiring a freelancer proves an excellent option which will adapt quite well to your own needs.

Our blog provides better information about how and when you should add freelancers to your business, instead of hiring new employees or agencies.  Among some strengths, we highlight the professional’s global vision, his ability to manage tiny parts of a large work divided into periods, eliminating waiting times due to demands of approval.  

Also, a freelance professional will be wholly devoted to your project during the lapse of time assigned for its execution. At the same time, he will keep communication open to receive your instructions, narrowing down potential confusion.

So we recommend that you turn to Workana’s platform, where you will find hundreds of qualified freelance experts available on this professional field. There are two modalities to achieve this.

You may go to the Freelancers section, and select those professional areas on which you expect to hire a freelancer. An excellent ranking generated by the gateway will be displayed, and you will be able to contact the freelancers.

Also, you may create a project on which to describe by yourself the required skills, expectations and features needed, and even set the budget you will manage. Based on this information, you may wait for the freelancers to apply.

As an example, here you can check some projects posted on the platform on which they are requesting services for an online advertising campaign.  

Another possible example also available now on the gateway is this, which can be checked at Workana.

Nevertheless, to get better information and instructions, you can also pick as an example this article posted on our blog, explaining how to post a project in Workana to hire freelancers.

How can an online marketing expert be found in the freelance world?

Now you have an idea of where to find a wide variety of professionals in digital marketing. However, finding the expert you need, fitting into your project, is also essential.

When you log in the platform, if you decide to start a search by yourself, you will find different profiles. On each profile, freelancers provide information about their performance, his or her likes, expertise and several references from other clients.

Keep in mind that these comments will be handy. You will know if this professional’s businesslike approach meets your enterprise’s ideals and you will get an idea of the quality of his work, supported by the comments he has received.  

You will also get information on how Workana ranks the freelancer. This score is related to several goals achieved within the platform, such as projects’ timely compliance and satisfaction levels, provided by former clients.  

Also, the platform enables freelancers to take some tests and get a score to grant specific skills and areas of knowledge such as the command of some language or strategy.

We invite you to review some of the following outstanding freelancers’ profiles in the field of digital marketing in several countries in Latin America, to get an idea of the elements to be checked.

Apart from the information supplied by the professional, if you engage in a conversation with him, you may ask to view his work portfolio. There he will show some of the projects he has carried out previously or even those on which he is currently working on, allowing you to confirm the experience you have seen reflected on the profile.  

This information is generally obtainable through the conversations maintained with the expert: you will be able to ask for tests, proofs or further information.

Before you find the right one, remember that some issues like budget available, your empathy with the freelancer, business vision consistency and experience will remain the key points, far beyond his ranking position.

Because of all this, if you need to get the right digital marketing expert suitable for you, undoubtedly, Workana is the perfect place where to seek.

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