5 reasons why you should keep working with your clients on Workana

Congratulations! You’ve finished your first project with your client on Workana, and now the client is ready to hire you for another project. Why should you keep using Workana as an intermediary?

You’ve probably encountered this dilemma before, and one common reason that people use for working off the platform is that it’ll “save them commission by working outside of Workana”.

However, it’s important to look at the big picture when it comes to understanding the real cost of taking the project off the platform. How much are you actually saving? 

The answer to this question will explain why having an intermediary when working remotely protects you and the client. 

#1: Secure communication

It’s true that there are plenty of ways to communicate now. Whether you’re a fan of WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram or you prefer videocalls via Zoom, Hangouts, or Skype, we’re certainly more connected than ever.

But how many of these communication platforms provide you with assistance and provide you with support by allowing you to keep all of your communication documented and in one place? 

None! The purpose of these channels is to enable communication, and that’s it. At Workana, you have a chat room that saves all communication and serves as documentation in case of any inconvenience or problem

For example, suppose that you’re working with a client, and they refuse to accept your work and request an entirely different project. You can contact our support team, and they’ll mediate the conflict taking all the chat’s documentation into account.

#2: Guaranteed payment

Workana has a guaranteed payment system, which means that you don’t start working on a project until the client puts 100% of the agreed-upon payment for the project in escrow.

If you work outside the platform, you may ask for 50% up front and the other 50% after you turn in the project, but what happens if the client disappears after you turn in the work?

This is definitely a situation you want to avoid. You may ask, what would happen if they hire you on Workana and then disappear after you deliver the project and don’t approve it?

If this happens, you can count on our Support team. When you inform us of your case, a member of our team will contact your client to approve the payment. And if they don’t respond to our attempt to contact them, we’ll provide you a solution within 24 hours and release payment accordingly.

#3: A payment gateway

One of the advantages of being a freelancer is that you can work with clients from anywhere in the world. This is great when there are communication and payment tools available.

With Workana, you can work from Buenos Aires and chat with a client in Seville, Panama, Chile, the UK, or any other location, and make sure that you can get paid. Working on the Workana platform also saves you tons in foreign exchange fees.

Why risk losing a client or money when you can work on Workana and have a secure payment gateway protecting both the client and freelancer?

Your client will also be reassured that they can send you payment through Workana and not have to worry about payment methods.

#4: Build trust 

Trust is one of the most important aspects of a good working relationship. However, building that trust takes time, and one way you can build that trust is staying on the platform.

In paragraph two, we talked about guaranteed payment and how your payments are protected against potential problems. However, we should emphasize that protected payment is just as important for your client as it is for you. 

Even if you don’t intend to quit your project or turn in mediocre work, these are concerns that clients can have when hiring a freelancer, and after all, there’s no contract that protects you from working in undesirable conditions unless you work on a platform.

By asking a client to work off of the platform, you risk losing them because they’ll feel uncomfortable or even less likely to trust you because you’re asking them to work off the platform. By using an intermediary, both your and your clients’ interests are protected.

#5: Better management

Finally, Workana provides great management. Order and organization are essential for any freelancer to grow their career. If a freelancer isn’t organized, they’ll fall behind on deadlines, and the quality of work will decrease, and in turn, the number of projects will decrease. We know this may sound harsh, but it’s a reality. 

If you want your career to continue growing, you need a project manager that notifies you when you have deadlines, messages from clients, and more.

With Workana, you have a project manager at your disposal. That’s why having commission per project is necessary because it provides you with secure, timely project management.


These are five reasons why taking projects off the platform can come at a higher cost than you expected. If for every five attempts to convince a client to work off the platform you lose two clients, think about how much money you’ll be losing! 

Consider what you have to lose as well in if you leave the platform and your client can’t or won’t pay you. Is it really worth the risk?

With Workana, you can work safely, securely, and increase your long term work relationshipsAnd if you still haven’t started, sign up for free on Workana and get to work! 

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