Success Story: 3 Reasons Why Remote Experts are Better than Local Companies when Going Digital

The Movers Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian logistics and moving company started by Sutarthaan Nagalingam and his brother over 11 years ago. In the beginning, everything from booking, planning, invoicing and marketing was done offline.  

In the early years, when marketing and advertising for new clients, it was done through flyers, stickers, banners in high traffic areas and other traditional methods were very effective. But one day the Government started to require a license for companies advertising offline so Sutarthaan and his team decided that they needed to find a new way for getting customers. 

After doing some research, moving online was the natural choice because “it’s cheaper than offline advertising and you can reach more customers too” said Sutarthaan. That’s when he made the decision that it was time to make the switch from offline to online. 

Like many business owners going digital, Sutarthaan knew he needed a homepage. First he received several quotes from local agencies and developers but their estimates ranged wildly from RM10,000 to over RM100,000.

Knowing his quote included hidden costs & fees with most likely the majority of it going to overhead, he decided that finding a remote expert would be better and more cost efficient for his company.  

This is when he found Workana and decided to upload a project. “It was very easy to find someone, after I put up my project I got many bids in 1 day” said Sutarthaan. 

Within a day, he shortlisted 4 candidates and after the interviews he chose a remote expert from Bangladesh. After his website was developed, Sutarthaan was very happy that everything went smoothly.

He has since hired many more remote experts to complete the move online by creating online business cards, letterheads, company profiles, redesigned logos and now a smartphone app. 

For small offline businesses that want to go digital, Sutarthaan has 3 reasons why remote experts are better than local agencies when going digital. 


1st: Local companies are more expensive. 

“When you hire a freelancer you can save more than 70% compared to Malaysian companies” said Sutarthaan. Local companies have to pay for full time staff, rent and other costs which they pass onto the client. When you upload a project on Workana, it’s cheaper and you can receive many offers. 



2nd: Attain Inspiring Ideas.  

When interviewing remote experts, you have to make sure you hire someone that understands your ideas. During the interview process, Sutarthaan said that “you can get many ideas that I didn’t think of on how to make my project even better.” Freelancers are multitalented and hold many different skill sets and can give fresh and innovative ideas to help take your project to the next level. 


3rd: Time-saving.

In many ways you can save time from the moment }you upload a project, within 15 minutes you can 1-2 quotes” said Sutarthaan. A frustrating thing about working with a local company is if there is a problem after 5 clock then you have to wait until the next day. Or worse, if something happens on the weekend you have to wait until Monday.

In addition, decisions take a long time too. Remote Experts are available at all times and can fix a problem right away. But if you work with a local company, “decisions will take a day or so because they need to check with that team member.

If there is a design change, that takes time too because design is usually done by someone else and have to wait again” 

In conclusion, Sutarthaan is very happy with his experience with us at Workana. After talking with him, you can see the benefits of working with a remote expert instead of a local company. You’ll be able to save a lot of time and money while also getting some fresh ideas on how to grow your business. Contact us for a free consultation or go to to sign up for an account and upload your project today.

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