Workana Success Story: 3 Tips on Building Strong Relationships with Remote Experts

Jovi Wong is the CEO and Founder of Yotta Space LTD, an IT Development & Services Vendor business based out of Hong Kong. Many of their projects revolve around helping businesses with digital transformation by developing and upgrading their ecommerce stores or websites and also smartphone apps as well.

Yotta Space LTD caught our attention at Workana because of the large amount of IT development projects they had but managed it with the same group of remote experts. We were curious about how the company was able to build a long-term and beneficial relationship with their remote experts. Therefore, we contacted Yotta Space LTD and wanted to find out what was their secret recipe in sustaining these remote experts.

Unexpectedly, Yotta Space LTD’s journey with Workana started with a problem. Through a friend, they hired a freelancer who couldn’t finish the project and left in the middle of it. Through a quick Google search, he found Workana and posted a project then quickly found a replacement within the day. This new remote expert delivered his project faster than he expected and his client was also happy with the work as well.

For subsequent projects, he hired the same specialists which helped them find more clients, increase their revenue and ultimately grow the business.

We asked the owner for some tips on how other business owners like himself can build relationships with their remote experts so they can also grow their company. He gave us 3 tips.

First, make sure that the remote expert is responsive. During the interview and when shortlisting candidates, when the remote expert is quickly replying to any questions it shows that they are available and ready to take on the project. It also is a good indicator of success for getting the project done quickly and effectively. When working remotely, communication between both parties are critical for project success.

Secondly, look at their remote expert’s reviews, portfolio and experience. While it may be tempting to choose a low price or a cheaper priced freelancer with or without many successful projects it could be a risk that could hurt your business. Choosing the wrong person could lead to low quality delivered work or even worse, the freelancer may bail on assigned projects.

This is why it is important that a remote expert’s background and experience match your project specifications. In addition to this, a pro tip would be to rehire a remote expert that you’ve worked with and are confident in their deliverables. This will save time because you don’t need to go through the hiring process again and can build a relationship with them.

Finally, educate yourself on the market price and the cost of projects. Some employers try to get by with underpaying remote experts but Yotta Space LTD recommends that you observe similar projects and take note on how much to pay for a specific service. Projects should be compensated at a fair price to retain remote workers that are invested in your business’ projects.

In conclusion, Yotta Space LTD’s secret recipe has been to continually hire the same group of remote experts for their subsequent projects and making sure to pay them according to market rates.

Doing this saves them the time and headaches of posting new projects and interviewing new freelance candidates. This has helped Yotta Space LTD to grow and be successful in their space and here at Workana, we are cheering them on!

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