Workana Success Story: Polymath – How Remote Experts Give Them Flexibility To Scale

Polymath is a consulting and development firm co-founded by Eugene and 4 other partners in 2019. Although they come from an digital communications and development background, the core of their business is from Tech Consulting. Many of the projects they work on can range from helping a business do digital transformation  to helping their clients build systems and processes for internal use.  What separates Polymath from other development companies is that it’s not just about developing solutions but wanting “to build something meaningful for the client” says Eugene.

Before starting a project, Polymath initially approaches projects from a consultancy standpoint. They will analyze various aspects such as what kind of systems or processes is this client running and how they can solve this problem for them. After their initial findings, they will customize a solution for their clients that will help their client optimize their shortcomings by being more efficient and productive. Eugene said, “Our purpose is to build something that creates value for the client.”

Internally Polymath has a development team to work on many of the most common tech related projects. Being already multi-disciplined, they use many different technologies, platforms and more. “However sometimes there are specific tech skill sets that we don’t have and that’s where we use Workana.” says Eugene.

There are 5 main reasons why Polymath likes working with Workana.

In today’s environment with many different combinations of platforms, languages, standards and environments it’s important to find the right remote experts with these types of skill sets. Polymath has a dedicated customer success manager to help them find the specialists they need and within their budget. Furthermore, these specialists will be experienced remote workers that are already familiar with team collaboration tools and the agile-scrum methodology. Therefore our remote experts help Polymath hit the ground running once they are brought onto their projects.

Secondly, Eugene also appreciates that we have access to a global talent pool. He has already worked with many freelancers that are outside of Malaysia from countries such as India, Indonesia and Pakistan.

Thirdly, he can pay as he goes. Many other companies have tried to lock in a set number of hours but he doesn’t like to work that way. Sometimes when deadlines are tight, he would rather have a team of 2-3 specialists finish the project in 1 week instead of 1 to finish it in a longer time frame.

Moreover, we are able to help his internal team have a better work-life balance. When there is a tight deadline, he can bring in an entire team of developers to speed up the process. So instead of working 12-15 hour days, the remote experts can help them quickly finish a project and not overwork their internal team because of a deadline.

Finally, remote experts give Polymath the flexibility to ramp up the speed of delivery when required or reduce their expenses based on the reduced needs. Because of the pandemic, finding the next project can be challenging and not having work between projects can result in high labor costs or overhead if not managed properly.

In conclusion, Eugene said ‘I am very happy with working with Workana. You are very responsive, help us solve issues when they arise and two thumbs up to you guys!’


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