Meet some of the best freelance graphic designers around the world

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Graphic design is a part of just anything the client can see and link to a brand. Logo, colors, branding, experiences with the product…

In Latin America, Design and Multimedia is one of the most hired categories in Workana, accounting for 28% of the projects from the platform.

This happens because companies are now aware of the importance of graphic design. As stated by Justin Harrison, manager of the American Weidert Group, good design helps not just to draw attention to your business but can also improve the quality of your message.

It is the duty of designers to do their best to convey the wishes and intentions of consumers, apart from making an efficient use of all the elements that contribute to building a good image.

According to the study on colors psychology, people perceive color tones differently. And marketing professionals use that in their brands to help transmit quality and confidence. To know more details about the relationship between colors and marketing click here.

Back to the psychological approach, whenever you create something new for your clients it is essential to find balance and comfort. Designers should know how to make the right pattern to engage the mind of the consumer, providing a sense of “comfort” which will lead to a more easily accepted design. They should position themselves in the shoes of the consumer and picture what is wanted.

Every little detail carefully taken care of and applied to a graphic creation is a plus in design. It’s a really big plus.

Many people think they own the skills for graphic design. It’s understandable, as we deal with packaging, printing, advertising and logo-making every day. But only a pro designer is actually qualified to perform the best works, bringing growth to your company.

Below you’ll find some of the top ranked freelance graphic designers at Workana, so that you can get to know some of the professionals working with us. Click on the names to be directed to their profiles.

Best freelance graphic designers in Argentina

Nadia Quetglas

Argentine designer Nadia shows 14 skills in her profile. She has already completed over 160 projects on Workana, taking into account that 50 clients have hired her services more than once. Nadia also performs as an illustrator and a publishing designer.

Publishing Design by Nadia Quetglas, freelancer at Workana

Alejandra G.

Among her many skills, Alejandra counts on graphic design, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, besides branding and corporate brand identity. This freelancer has completed over 130 projects on Workana.

Logo created by Alejandra G.

Rodrigo C.

Rodrigo C. is also one of the best ranked Argentine designers on the Workana platform, with 28 customer qualifications in his profile. In addition, 7 clients have already decided to rely more than once on Rodrigo’s abilities to benefit his ventures.

“Music is life”, by Rodrigo C.

Best freelance graphic designers in Brazil

Julio Henrick

Designer Julio Henrick holds wide experience in creating logos, and he has worked for several sites and portals. On Workana, he has already completed over 290 projects!

Logo by Julio Henrik, freelancer at Workana


With an academic background in Advertising and a major in Corporate Communication, Sammy may well serve as the type of freelancer available with Workana. Out of the total registered professionals, 44% hold higher education studies and 22% are postgraduate.

Visual identity by Sammy

Filipe F.

Filipe defines himself as a creative web designer. Among the certifications shown in his profile we can see: web design, HTML 5 and WordPress. He’s working on 4 ongoing projects.

Website created by Filipe F.

Best freelance graphic designers in Chile

Gabriel Pineda

Gabriel Pineda performs as a designer and content producer. Gabriel is also very active in Workana; he already completed 11 projects with only 7 months on the platform and collects excellent comments from his clients.

Logo by Gabriel Pineda

Alejandra T.

Freelancer Alejandra includes advertising and social networks as her areas of expertise, besides graphic design. Her work consists of creating logos, banners, flyers, corporate image and photography.

Logo by Alejandra T.

Andreina P. D.

The image you’’ve seen in our post was designed by Adreina Pereira Duque. Her working area is basically logo design, illustrations and creation of visual identity.

Logo by Andreína P.D.

Best freelance graphic designers in Colombia

Javier J.

Javier works with images and produces videos as well. In his profile, you can read: “A video is worth more than a thousand images”. He’s been on the platform for a year and he has already completed over 80 projects, being hired more than once by 13 clients.

Designer Miguel Jaime has been working through the platform for a year now and he has completed over 160 projects already. With a degree in social communication, the freelancer counts on lots of positive ratings on his Workana profile.

Art created by Miguel Jaime

Derly H. S.

Derly is the typical classic designer: passionate about colors, art esthetics and organization. According to her, continuous learning is essential as life becomes more joyful and versatile when we make use of creativity. Top rated, always with positive comments, Derly has worked as a freelancer on Workana for the last two years.

Brand Design by Derly H.S.

Best freelance graphic designers in Malaysia

Cat T.

Workana connects people from all over the world – clients and professionals from different regions and continents. In Malaysia, Cat is an expert in graphic design, illustration and Photoshop.

Muhammad W. B. R.

Fluent in Malaysian and in English, Muhammad is an experienced freelancer, having worked on American platforms. Now, with Workana’s arrival in his country, he has joined us and he’s already working through our platform and getting praised about his performance.

Arisa Raudah

Arisa Raudah works mainly with illustrations and digital art. With an academic background in the area, Arisa has now joined as a freelancer at Workana.

Design and color patterns, by Arisa Raudah, freelancer at Workana

Best freelance graphic designers in México

Juan Billy

Designer Juan Billy worked for almost two years at a newspaper’s editorial office before he made up his mind and fully focused on freelancing through Workana. He’s been working just on projects from clients on the platform over the last year.

Childhood, art by Juan Billy, freelancer at Workana
Ignacio A. B.

Rated as “very efficient” and “professional”, this freelancer is skilled at editing videos and producing animations.

Manuel Díaz

Just like the former, among his skills, designer Manuel Díaz works with animation and video editing. He counts on over 5 years experience in the area.

Best freelance graphic designers in Uruguay

Sebastián H. P.

The expertise areas of Sebástian include graphic design, digital photography, animation and marketing.

“Graffitis”, digital photography by Sebástian Pérez, freelancer at Workana
Ana Sucre

Ana Sucre is a graphic designer – but also a content producer and a community manager. This freelancer participates from the design of campaigns for Facebook as well.

Editorial design, by Ana Sucre
Ulderica S.

Holding wide experience in graphic design, Ulderica joined Workana to focus on freelancing, and work on her own. She has already produced graphic content for advertising, fashion, editorials, gastronomy, and culture, among others.

Best freelance graphic designers in Venezuela

Samuel Rangel

Samuel has many ratings on graphic design and he also offers a landing page package on Workana.

Visual identity of website by Samuel Rangel, freelancer at Workana

This freelancer works mainly with digital illustrations and, according to him, “design is the soul that inspiration stems from”. Nine clientes have already hired him more than once for their projects.

Brand design by Wuilliams Pérez
Thiago M.

Thiago has already completed over 55 projects on the platform. He is an audiovisual producer and works with graphic design, video production and edition.

Illustration by Miguel T, freelance designer at Workana
As you can see, Workana connects the best graphic design professionals with clients from all over the world. They are experienced freelancers with varied skills, perfect for each type of project.

You simply have to pick the one that best suits your brand and find out how remote work can make it much more dynamic and offer high quality for your company.


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