Why does your business need a blog and how to ask for one from our freelancers?

This is a much more common question than it might seem. And this is because not all entrepreneurs know the benefits and importance of having a blog and to use it as a marketing ally.

But, the reality is that blogging is here to stay and it’s currently one of the most popular activities.

If you don’t believe us, we have as a reference, the numbers from the people at WordPress, who say that 409 million people are working on around 20.7 million blogs per month.

And, 136.2 million posts are taking place per year.

But, how does this affect your business?

Just with this statistic, we will present you with the situation where your blog could be one of those 20.7 million available posts on the internet and that they talk about your products and services like ecommerce.

This is now about the opportunity to show your business to 409 million people, among which with no doubt, are your future clients.

If we haven’t convinced you with this, let’s see some reasons why your business would benefit from having a blog.

The amazing perks of blogging for your business

1. Increase and improve your webpage’s traffic

Your blog is one of the different windows where you can show what your business is all about. It’s basically a window to your store. It’s not the main dish, but it allows redirecting the public towards the inside of your business.

In this case, it’s all about taking your future clients to your web so that they can start buying.

This is about a fact, which we can show you with some numbers from the people at Hubspot, who in their most recent data marketing list, reflected that those companies that invest in blogging generate a 55% increase in redirection towards their website.

How does this work? For each post of your blog, you are providing one more opportunity of giving organic positioning to your web in the search engines, which translates into bigger opportunities of being part of the first answer options in common searches of your segment.

2. It supports your other social media

Your blog is the perfect space to put information about your brand. From information about its identity to products with interesting information related to your service area.

This window is the base for the creation of content for social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, saving on the creative process and increasing the chances of going viral for your blog and website.

How does this take place? It’s about a phenomenon of social media studied by psychology and it has become an ally to businesses on the internet.

94% of people share information through social media, with the idea that it will be useful to their followers, friends and users that interact with them.

With this idea on mind, contents begin to get shared massively and people end up getting familiarized with the media that creates this content.

3. Transform traffic into leads

Remember that not only do we need to increase the traffic of your website; we also need these visits to become clients and preferably for a long term.

Therefore, it’s very important to start building this possibility from your very first post in the blog.

Normally, every blog post has a call to action, which invites our public to direct themselves towards specific parts of our web, for example, an area where you can get their contact information.

Some posts even include a special discount that excites the client, and in order to receive it, they will have to leave some information. With this, you will be able to widen your contact network and to give other steps through other marketing tools.

4. It’s a way of creating credibility

One of the main values that a brand needs in order to succeed in business is credibility. When it comes to working on the web, it’s even more crucial that your clients can believe in you and believe that you are the indicated one to satisfy their needs.

For this, the blog is your ally. Content generation on the areas that cover your business will allow you to create a close relationship with your clients, letting them see that you know about their need, you know how to satisfy it and that you are the ideal option for them.

In fact, people from Experian, a business dedicated to market and consumer analysis, affirm that 80% of the population in the United States, consider that blogs are an excellent way of finding information about a product to help them get convinced about buying it.

5. Long term investment

People from Hubspot told us everything with this graphic, right? But let’s still talk about it. As we have already mentioned, your blog is your ally in generating more traffic, end up in leads and to create credibility.

Do you want more benefits than those? Well, the best part is that this invested effort to achieve that, as well as the results, don’t stop coming.

Your posts will still be on the web and as you create more content, this will be the invitation to get to know your blog and to enjoy other posts of yours. Each one of them will be preparing the land to take your future clients to your web.

In fact, as we see in the graphic, the number of contacts you gain for the posts of past months is exponentially bigger than for the ones you are producing in the current month.

This means that the investment made to create this content will continue giving you dividends throughout time.

70% of the traffic in your blog within a month will be generated by the content created in months different from the current one, while 90% of the leads will be result of your posts in previous months or even years.

Have we convinced you?

How can I have a blog?

Creating a successful blog is a task that has to be taken seriously. To achieve it you need quality content, a good experience for your user, a good work with the SEO, among other factors.

Therefore, the best thing you can do is have a team of professionals that will help you build each stage of your blog, that allow you to design it and, of course, that keep it functioning.

For this, the best thing to do is to go to a team of freelancers. In our platform you can find the variety of professionals that you need, from WordPress experts to writers.

In Workana we have more than 1.5 million qualified freelancers, ready to listen to your ideas and surely offer you the best version of your blog, a task that we are eager to help you with. 🙂

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