14 tips to have better results when working with Workana freelancers

It is undeniable that working with freelancers has become one of the best options for small and medium businesses. As a client of Workana, you have probable already noticed multiple benefits of working with a professional, or even with a remote team.

We have already talked a lot about these advantages in posts like “how and when to add freelancers to your enterprise instead of hiring new employees or “how will your business grow by hiring a freelancer?” and many other articles with great reasons to hire a freelancer.

Current numbers show how businesses have bet on remote work to take their success to a whole new level. And here you will find 14 ideas to hire freelancers and get the best results.

Let’s get to them!

1. Creating your project.

Begin sketching out your project gathering as much information as possible. Take into account some aspects:

  • What do you need?
  • What result do you wish to achieve?
  • What skills must the professional have to carry out your project?
  • Will you need this professional just for this project or for more projects in the future?
  • How much can you invest in this hire? (budget)

2. Describe and post it

Create your project in Workana using a detailed description of what you need. This way, the professionals that bid on your project have a better idea of what it’s about, and therefore know if they fit the required profile.

Part of the success of a project resides precisely in that first communication moment between the client and the freelancer.

3. Budget and deadline

Remember to clearly establish the deadline so the professional can get organized and for them to understand when the work must be delivered. Also, be clear on the amount offered to the professional for the service and if there is possibility for negotiation.

4. Be realistic

When writing the detailed description of the project, you must be realistic. Longer projects require more time for the professional to develop a good job; and very low budgets do not match big projects.

5. Receiving and examining bids

Once you start receiving bids, the selection process begins. Start by selecting some professionals to study them in more detail, carefully choosing your options.

6. Verify the professional’s reputation

We know that reputation is everything; and Workana’s platform rates this aspect. Nowadays, the majority of apps and websites offer a general vision about the professional’s reputation or service. It is common that, for example, people look for hotels that have good reviews and drivers with the best ratings.

This is why, in Workana, you can verify the reputation of the professional before hiring them. In the freelancer’s profile, you can check their previous work and what reviews were given by previous clients.


Review Workana

7. Review the comments (or ratings)

Once a project is finished, both the professional and the client rate each other so that the next people looking for these services get to know a little about the professional background of the freelancer. In this moment: verify:

  • Stars received: Professionals with 5 stars are the best rated.
  • The professional’s position: Iron, silver, hero… in Workana we have a scale that helps you understand who got to the first places and developed more successful projects.
  • Comments: Read the comments of people who have previously worked with this professional. Hiring a freelancer in Workana with a good reputation is a truly important step to have success in your project.

8. The résumé is important (really)

Another crucial aspect when looking for a professional freelancer is reviewing their previous résumé and the previous work in their portfolio.

First, ask yourself: “What type of professional do I want to have in my project?” or “who will better meet my expectations?”

We talk more about it in this post. Sometimes the freelancer we want to hire is not the one that sends us the first bid. It’s important to review the previous projects that the freelancers have had in the platform, in order to see the features and nuances of each one of them (especially if it’s about designers).

In regards to content, the same thing; certain professionals have the necessary experience to work on determined subject with clarity and big texts. So, pay attention to the freelancer’s history in their area to achieve the best results.


9. Clear (all) your questions

Communicate with the professional who caught you attention the most through the chat. Through the platform, all communication is 100% secure and it allows you to have all your questions answered BEFORE hiring.

10. Determine the way you will be working together

Explain in the clearest way to the professional the way you wish the work to be carried out, how the deliveries will be, etc. Be always available to talk with the freelancer when necessary, this way you guarantee a successful project.

11. Keep an open dialog

Through the chat you can continue talking during the entire process, this way there won’t be any interference in the communication.

12. Feedback

It is important to provide feedback to the professional, as they send deliverables, in order for them to understand if they are moving in the right direction. Certain changes can be made during the process, not only after the delivery.

13. Be friendly and professional

Once the project comes to an end, you will do a final evaluation about the freelancer’s work. It is important that this evaluation is real and according to the presented work. This helps the professional with their reputation and helps them grow in the platform.

And remember that the freelancer will also provide and evaluation about the work, which simplifies following interactions in the platform with future professionals, who will be interested and available to work on your projects.

14. Keep yourself informed about freelance work

Learning and understanding better the freelance world is also part of the path of success. Many businesses and clients who are now hiring remote professionals are always looking for news and information about this work modality to help them seize all the resources.

Here, in Workana’s blog you can find many articles and amazing tips that will help you get better results each day when working with freelancers.

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