How will your business grow by hiring a freelancer?

Do you want to make your business grow? Do you need quick results and an ideal cost? Would you like to collaborate with the best international talent? In that case, hiring freelancers could be the solution that you’re looking for.

Hiring freelancers is already a trend and it doesn’t stop growing around the world. It’s key in the new economy because it’s being used by small entrepreneurships and startups and by the biggest companies in the world as well.

If you’re interested in joining the trend you can now do it: in Workana you can find thousands of qualified freelancers willing to help you. No matter what idea you have for your business, in our platform you’ll find a professional capable of carrying it out. Everything from app and web designing, to writing and text translation, it all has a place in Workana.

We are a key component in the revolution coming to life in the form of hiring and work. Here you can see the way that the number of users has been growing since we started in 2012 until today:

And here, you can see how money from all types and sizes of businesses grows (and keeps growing), by hiring freelancers through the platform.

Yes, as we were saying, hiring freelancers is a viral trend which is more and more used every day. Why does this happen? Well, this growth occurs, mainly because hiring freelancers gives 5 giant advantages.

We will explain these advantages one by one to help you really understand the reason behind this trend and also to help you understand the way you can benefit from it and scale up your business.

The 5 main advantages of hiring freelancers through Workana

Advantage #1 –  It’s fast and you make time

Traditionally, the alternative to a freelancer was an agency. Let’s imagine you had to redesign your website and none of your employees was trained to do so. What would you do? You would go to an agency, set a price, you’d pay for the work and they would get it done.

This is changing. Now, the trend is to hire a freelancer online to do it faster and with the same (or a better) result. In fact, a study has proven that freelancers start working on a project 2 to 3 times faster than an agency.

And, of course, if you use Workana you save time because the searching, hiring and payment process is taken care of completely online. You don’t have to pick up the phone nor do you have to go to an agency. You can manage it all from the comfort of your own office.

Advantage #2: You set the price of the job

In the previously mentioned model, you would describe what you needed and the agency would then evaluate it and give you a price. If you agreed to it, the job would get done, and if you didn’t agree to it then you would have to go look for another agency.

When you hire a freelancer online with Workana, since the very beginning you are clear with what you need and what your budget limit is. The bids you will receive are already taking this into account.

When you hire a freelancer online you have the control of the budget and not the other way around. It’s your project we’re talking about, so you’re the one in charge of it on your own terms and by the budget that you have.

If we keep thinking about the traditional way of going to an agency, it’s interesting to say that the same study previously mentioned shows that by hiring freelancers you can save between 60 to 90% vs. by working with an agency.

Advantage #3: You can hire by finished project or by hours

Another advantage that you acquire for your business when hiring freelancers instead of full-time employees or instead of hiring an agency, is the fact that you have flexibility according to your specific needs.

Through Workana you can hire freelancers under two modes; you choose the one that suits you best:

a) Hiring a freelancer for a specific job

In this case, you agree with the professional on what both the total payment and the job will be. Following the example of redesigning your website, here you would pay a fixed price for the entire development and the implementation of the site.

b) Hiring a freelancer by hours

We could say that this hiring mode is more similar to the traditional one: you set up an amount of weekly hours that the freelancer will work for you in the agreed time. We created this option to help both parts to be able to continue working together in the long run in an easier way, without the need of creating a new project every time the client wanted to hire the same freelancer every week.

This option is ideal for those who need to grow a work team for a determined period of time and where hiring conventionally is not as convenient for them. Through Workana you gain a much bigger flexibility for this type of scenarios.

In order to allow an easy control over the tasks that the freelancer does and the amount of hours that they work for a client, we have developed the Workana Time Report tool.

Thanks to this free tool you can supervise the work done by a freelancer for you and control the time employed in each task through data available at any time for you.

Advantage #4: You can pay in installments

In Workana we want to help every entrepreneur and every business to grow at their own rate, that’s why we offer the option of paying for the freelancer’s work in installments. By doing so, you can help your finances and organize in a better way the relationship between yourself and your business’ economy.

The most important aspect of this particular advantage is that regardless of you paying in installments, the freelancer receives the total amount of the payment corresponding to their job at the indicated time. This way we can treat you both in an equal and fair manner.

We invite you to click here to get to know if the installment option is available in your country. Bank fees also vary depending on what financial institution you use to make your payments. We recommend you to always check very thoroughly this part and if you should have any question just contact us through our Client Support team.

And, of course, if installments are not really your thing and you find a different payment option we offer more convenient for you, you’re free to use it.

Advantage #5: You have the guarantee that the freelancer will fulfill the job

With the goal of making the process of hiring a freelancer through the internet more safe and reliable, in Workana we look for ways of guaranteeing that the professional will charge only if they comply with the job and once the client is satisfied with the result.

This is our way of protecting and taking care of clients and freelancers that are using Workana.

In our platform we use a type of guarantee called “Escrow”. What this means is that once you have chosen the freelancer you wish to work with, you have to make the total payment for the job. But that money does not get to the freelancer yet, it rather stays as a guarantee deposit in Workana. We take care of your money so we can take care of you.

What’s the next step in the process? The freelancer starts working for you. When the freelancer is done with the job and it has been delivered to you, you check it and, if you’re satisfied with the result, then you authorize it and the payment is now freed and goes to the professional.

In the case of a freelancer not complying with the agreed terms, you let us know, we check the case and your money is returned if this is effectively the situation.

With the “Escrow” method we intend that the clients using Workana have the guarantee that the freelancer will get the job done as flawlessly as agreed, or else they won’t be receiving a single penny.

Enjoy these advantages and make your business grow with the help of freelancers

Being in charge of a business and being able to make it grow is exciting… but it demands a lot of energy and there are tons of things to get done every single day.

You need to find practical and convenient solutions to help you not go crazy. This way you’ll move forward at a good pace and you’ll still have time left to attend other aspects of the business.

Hiring freelancers is a trend that doesn’t stop growing thanks to all these benefits and advantages that it has to offer. Without a doubt, it will help you carry out all the projects you have in mind so you can scale your business.

If you’re interested in joining this trend of the new economy you can try Workana by clicking here. Post your project for free, start receiving bids with no commitments and find the appropriate freelancer to help you. Or, if you prefer, you can click here for access to a list of our freelancers.

We truly hope you can bring all your ideas to life, achieve all your project goals and scale your business as high as you desire.


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