5 types of freelancers that will make your company grow, by selling more

If there is a recipe for success in making a company grow it is to expand sales. To achieve this you can hire freelancers at Workana and scale your company. And this doesn’t mean more bureaucracy or paperwork. On the contrary: when you count on our platform, the results are fast and efficient.

Among the professionals capable of increasing your sales and the expansion of your business, we can talk about five especially important categories. Take a look!

1. Virtual Assistant

A professional freelancer specialized in email management, telesales and support, can help speed up many processes and customer support remotely. And the best part: a virtual assistant can also handle customers, organize your agenda and negotiate with suppliers.

With this time optimization, your business can grow even more, because it will let you take care of other situations while your remote assistant is handling these daily tasks.

According to data published by Telegraph, almost a million people in the United Kingdom are already using services from a professional freelancer; and among the categories with the most growth is precisely the virtual assistant, also known as VA.

2. Digital Marketing

According to data collected from the Workana annual report, the categories that are hired the most by companies are directly related to the Internet and to online marketing. This occurs due to the fact that it is crucial, nowadays, to have online presence in order to have a close relationship with your customers.

In today’s world, it’s hard to think of brand and propaganda expansion without thinking of online marketing. We know that the Internet is the main contact way between customer and brand, and a professional freelancer can help you take advantage of your sales.

The big advantage of opting for a freelancer is the fact that you can hire him or her sporadically, by project, with limited work for when there are tasks to be done.

Workana’s online marketing professionals are experts in creating good content, which translates into engagement and a good positioning of your product. They also know how to make campaigns and create pictures, videos and other editing activities. Everything according to what your business needs.

3. Community Manager

Another professional that can be a true trampoline for your brand’s success is a Community Manager. Also known as being one of the most important people in any campaign and in the management of online projects.

The professional freelancer of this area has as their mission to create content and to interact according to the brand’s language, creating a real community environment between customers and the brand.

In many companies the position is structured in the following way: the community manager handles what is delegated from the Business Intelligence Professional and directs it to get the best results for the company.

For this, the community manager takes care of the content they will pass on to the writer (or the community manager produces it themselves), always giving attention to the tone and voice that the brand usually uses to communicate with their clients, manage the graphic designer’s tasks as well as the art director’s… in other words: this person is the responsible for the management of the community which builds the pillars of the content and communication.

4. Graphic designer

Among the mostly hired categories in Workana’s platform is the Graphic Designer one: the projects published in that area make up 28% of our total! A graphic designer is responsible for the visual communication, so vital when it comes to sales and audience reach.

The designer’s job is directly related to the creation of brands, logos, packaging, ads, software, the creation of the appearance and brand of sites, games, etc. All this in order to communicate and to reach the final goal: to captivate the customer. Give a good experience in an agile and outstanding way.

According to data from the UN, creative economy, in which design is included, already moves 10% of the worldwide GDP. And since its base is renewed and multiplied every year, the projection is that, by 2020, that area which involves technology, art and marketing will move impressive $6 billion US dollars!

5. E-Commerce Expert

Betting on electronic commerce means promoting your brand beyond geographic barriers and taking your product to places where physical stores wouldn’t. But even though it’s in its fullest boom since around 12 years ago in Brazil, E-Commerce is still “new” in Latin America. This is because consumers are more mature and are buying more on the Internet.

In brief words: the consumer has learned to trust online sales, which already represent a third part of sales in the country. And as incredible as it may seem, 50% of online sales happen through cell phones. This means that a lot of sales are happening. And Google’s projection is that electronic commerce numbers will double until 2021.

This is why it’s more than necessary that your business is among these negotiations. And this means that counting on an E-Commerce expert can result fundamental to make the correct analysis, measure the reach, create goals on what needs to be improved in the site or virtual store, and also doing the necessary studies in order to reach the biggest possible number of new customers.

By hiring a specialized professional through Workana, your profit can increase quite a lot, because projections and planning make your numbers much more effective.

This is why you should get to know the professional freelancers available in our plataform, capable of making your brand perform better and be more valued.

With a lot of experience, good references and hundreds of jobs done, our professionals know how to do the best for you and your product, making your business grow and expand. Click here now to get started.

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