How to choose the best graphic designer for your project at Workana

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Choosing a good freelance graphic designer at Workana’s platform is a straightforward task, but it demands concentration to make sure that you are hiring the right professional for what you need.

According to Workana’s annual report, 80% of the companies believe that hiring a freelancer helps to develop business. For sure, it helps a lot. The practice leads to time and budget savings while allowing the flexibility of counting on an expert on the field, working for some specific project and receiving remuneration for the correspondent length of time. Here we have explained to you in detail all the benefits.

When it comes to graphic design, it is essential to find a professional who understands the company’s identity and needs. Therefore, we have drawn some quick tips so that you can go and seek the ideal freelancer and yield the best results.

Top Experts

As an example, when you plan what you need and also know details about the deadline, you can look up on our platform for a designer with the proper features and aptitudes.

Through the link named Top Experts, it is possible to reach right away the most enriched, experienced and skilful designers with expertise on the subject.

When picking up your professional, click on “Hire” so that you can provide more details about your project.

Remember to include:

  • Category

Choose the proper category according to your needs so that the freelancer can identify your work field.

  • Name your project

Explain what you need briefly: “Creation of a Logotype”; “Build a Virtual catalogue”, “Redesign website”, and so on.

  • Details

On the following window, offer details about your specific needs. To get a better understanding of how to display your project in particular, have a quick look at our tips to post a project.

  • Budget and deadlines

Finally, add the amount to be paid for the freelancer’s work. It is vital that you have a budget in mind since this will enable negotiating the value later.

On this stage, it is also possible to select the option “get other freelancers’ bids”, in case you want to receive other professionals’ proposals instead of remaining with whom you have chosen.

How to know who the ideal freelancer is?

Designer Ideal Workana

Since the platform counts with thousands of graphic design professionals (43% of the freelancers work on this area), you have a range of options to pick up the best designer for your project.

However, how to select best option?

By clicking on the name of the professional, you can go through his or her Workana’s profile. There you will be able to check the freelancers’:

  • Experience
  • Portfolio
  • Main skills
  • Mormer works
  • Reputation within the platform
  • Qualifications and clients’ comments and experiences
  • Position on country of origin and how he ranks within the category

Always remember that through the platform, it is possible to chat with the chosen freelancer speedily and dynamically.

Tell the professional about your company, your values and goals, and why this project is crucial for you. Describe your needs in depth and how you expect the work to reach consumers. In this way, the freelancer will have the chance to grasp the essence of the project and develop everything with far more creativity.

Finding an outstanding freelance graphic designer proves optimum to establish a long-term professional relationship with the same experienced hand. By his running other projects for your brand, he will come to know it increasingly better, sensing what your needs are and providing his experience and suggestions.

Workana’s main concern is quality and transparency. In this regards, its platform furnishes a large number of tools for the client to find out who he is hiring for his project and to get an in-depth view of who will be working on his idea.

All this is carried out in a convenient, fast and safe way. Then? Are you ready to take part in the freelance trend in the business world? Click here to start!

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