Meet the best freelance programmers from each country

Why hire a freelancer? Even in today’s era, full of technology and progress, this question still has a lot of relevance.

After all, these professionals, highly trained by the way, are still competing against a conventional market that perceives a job in terms of full workdays, a specific place to work and clear tasks assigned to everyone.

However, freelancers are not far from this perspective, they have simply chosen to place their office behind the computer and communicate thanks to today’s 2.0 tools to be able to serve clients from all over the world.

That is why there are more people every day who decide to take on this lifestyle, which more than a job in itself, we can say that it’s a way to guide their talents and skills.

Although it is difficult to determine the amount of freelancers in the world, some studies have tried to get close, analyzing the behavior of the labor market in countries like the United States – the world’s leading economy– and in conglomerates such as the European Union, another solid economy.

In this case, we are going to quote an interesting study carried out during 2017, by the McKinsey Global Institute. It consisted in interviewing more than 7,000 people belonging to the US and European workforce, to know their income and the status of satisfaction with the work they did or are doing.

Although the study includes different perspectives of independent work, they showed that between 20 and 30% of the working population, at least once, has obtained income through freelance work and has enjoyed this work experience much more.

On the other hand, the Freelancers Union team studied the percentage of people in the U.S. that were freelancers in 2017, showing around 53.7 million, coming from 53 million during 2014.

This perspective does not escape from Latin America either. Thus, we can cite our 2018 independent work report, where we analyze that the highest hiring trends are in the areas of online marketing, internet product sales, IT and programming, responding to entrepreneurs’ need to continually adapt to the 2.0 world.

If you are one of them and you want to get in trend, you will need to have programmers, and freelancers are a very good option to obtain conclusive results. To help you choose faster and especially more securely, today we will present you some of the best profiles of each country.

Let’s get started!

Top freelance programmers in Argentina

Oscar Marin

Occupying the first position as a programmer in Argentina, Oscar offers programming services with a specialization in Responsive Web. He is also an expert in WordPress and he does programming in PHP and Mysql among other languages.

He stands out as number 29 of the entire platform, and his work has a value of 20 dollars an hour. He has received ratings and comments from more than 314 clients; where 41 of them have hired him more than once for their projects.

Oscar has been on the platform for 6 years, working tirelessly to position himself, being the best freelancer in his country and one of the first places internationally in the field.

He presents himself with these words:

“Specialist in WordPress Responsive Design, Developing Templates from Scratch, Widgets, Function Adjustments and much more. PSD Maker, AI to HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Design, Load Optimization, Bootstrap, PSD to WordPress, PSD to Opencart, Jquery, PHP, Mysql, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, WHMCS.
We love working with Bootstrap, Fundation, and many other frameworks. We like to try new technologies and to assimilate them 100%. We are passionate about WordPress, we design any type of web with our eyes closed. We take great care of the final delivered product, and we provide support for any queries that arise after the project is finished.”

Mariano T.

He is positioned as number 5 in his country in the programming area. Mariano has been rated from 8 satisfied customers and he offers programming services in PHP, Mysql and JavaScript.

He is a recent freelancer, having only one year in the platform. However, he is well positioned due to the quality of his work and he works with various programming skills.

His presentation is as follows:

“I’m a PHP developer; I also like to do layouts and frontend. As much as I am not a designer, I do deal with the aesthetics of my work and I am involved in design aspects. I like to work in an organized manner, so I pay close attention to keeping the code clean and tidy.
I manage Linux servers, starting from the installation and going up to achieving a development environment with apache, nginx, mysql or mariadb, etc. I do DNS setup, I do email setup, I register domains and I can take care of every task from the beginning of a project until the final product is up and running. I love my work and I do it with enthusiasm and passion.”

Pablo C.

With only 10 months in the platform, Pablo offers web and mobile design and programming services. He stands out in the field especially for his work with WordPress and he has earned position number 7 in the ranking of his country.

He is presented as follows:

“Web & Mobile Developer. I start my day at 6 a.m. because I am passionate about my work and I love what I do. I am constantly learning and I believe that discipline and perseverance are the keys to success.
I have been developing websites and custom systems for more than 5 years. My first job was to develop a registration system. At that time I had more doubts than certainty, but I never imagined that it would be the door to a world I would fall in love with.”

The best programming freelancers in Brazil

Suzana de Oliveira

As number 1 in Brazil, Suzana has abilities in different areas, going from WordPress to PHP, Mysql and graphic design.

Additionally, she has been hired more than 90 times and she has ratings from satisfied clients, where 12 of them have worked with her in more than one opportunity.

She has been working in the platform for 3 years and she handles two languages besides her native one. Her presentation is the following:

“I am a web designer since 1998. I also studied psychology and a specialization in Marketing. I work with WordPress, WooCommerce, HTML5, CSS3, MySQL, SEO, digital marketing, web design, ebook layout, development of complete ebooks with 3D layers, etc…”

Edinaldo Xavier

He is in the second place according to the ranking in Brazil, and he has been in the platform for two years, standing out as a specialist in web programming oriented towards ecommerce. He has skills in online marketing, PHP and HTML5, among others.

He has 17 ratings from satisfied clients and 5 of them have worked with him in more than one occasion. His cover letter reads as follows:

“My name is Edinaldo Xavier, I have a degree in Computer Sciences and a specialization in E-commerce and Digital Marketing. 
I have more than 10 years of experience in Virtual Store development (E-commerce) in platforms such as Magento, VTEX, Woocommerce, Tienda Integrada, Xtech among others, and also in Digital Marketing and Design.”

Rafa Carvalhido

Rated as number 4 in his country, Rafa has two years in Workana working with WordPress, Javascript, PHP, Mysql, AJAX y HTML. He has received 23 ratings from his clients, and 3 of them have hired him more than once. His presentation reads as follows:

“Hi! My passions are PHP and WordPress (+ WooCommerce). I also love HTML, CSS and javascript and anything related to the web such as web hosting and cPanel. 
I am in charge of the development and design of the website and author of a blog about WordPress Programming, (
My specialty is speed optimization on WordPress websites. If you wish to know how I developed my skills:
– I am a postgraduate from the UFF;
– I have more than 10 years of experience in IT (but I develop websites since the Geocities time back in 1998);
– I am fluent in English and Spanish, thanks to the 6 years that I lived in the U.S.;
– I have experience as a team leader since I’ve worked in other areas.

Top freelance programmers in Mexico

Cristian M.

Qualified as Freelancer Pro, and occupying position number 7 in Mexico, Cristian has a variety of skills, among which are Java, PHP and WordPress, and other languages ​​and platforms.

In his profile he talks about himself with these words:

“I consider myself as an idea developer; I have more than 7 years of experience in web application development. 
I have implemented many systems developed in programming languages ​​such as PHP, .NET, Android and IOS mainly, always working with the latest and most efficient technology.
I am a self-taught, creative person; I believe that these characteristics define the quality of my work.”

Jesus Arciniega

Occupying the 14th position in the ranking of his country, Jesus has 6 months in the platform and he stands out with skills in PHP, HTML and responsive web design, among others.

He has 7 client ratings and one of them has worked with Jesus in more than one occasion.

David P.

With a year of experience in the platform, David is another freelancer Pro in his country. He owns position number 21 in the ranking of Mexican programmers in our platform.

He has a total of 12 client ratings and 3 of them have worked with him more than once. He has many skills. Among them we can find skills with handling PHP, Mysql, Javascript, AJAX and HTML5, among others.

The best freelance programmers of Colombia

Danis S.

With one year in the platform and being in 12th place in the ranking of his country, Danis is classified as a Pro freelancer. Among his skills is his outstanding expertise in WordPress, responsive web design, online marketing and SEO, among others.

He has 13 client ratings and two of them have worked more tan once with Danis. He presents himself as follows:

“For more than 10 years I have worked as a WordPress web developer creating projects for digital agencies as well as for my own clients, acquiring specialized knowledge over this time which is not limited to template settings, but also in solving much more complicated problems that happen when designing and maintaining a web page.”

Angel Moran

Among his abilities, we can highlight the use of PHP, Javascript, HTML5, WordPress, among other tools.

He is ranked number 18 in the ranking of Colombia and he is another freelancer who also qualified as Pro, thanks to the quality of his service, his experience and career after a year of work on the platform. He has the ratings from 8 clients.

Jan A.N.

A Freelancer Pro in the platform and number 23 in Colombia, Jan has been rated from 14 clients, from which, one of them has hired him more than once. He has been working on the platform for a year and his most outstanding skils are his work with WordPress and web design.

Top freelance programmers in Venezuela

Heli P.

With two years of work in the platform, Heli is listed as number 3 in the ranking of Venezuela.

He has 11 comments from satisfied customers and 2 of them have worked in more than one opportunity with him. Among his oustanding skills are his expertise in HTML5, PHP and Mysql, among others, with emphasis on working with web applications.

His cover letter is as follows:

“Full-stack programmer with 10 years of experience mostly in web application development. In the different projects in which I have worked, in addition to the development,I have participated in the analysis and information gathering phase. I have experience with SQL and NoSQL databases. I am constantly learning new technologies and I always try to work on projects that present challenges that help me put into practice new things that I am learning.
These are some of the technologies I master: C #, PHP, JavaScript, TypeScript, SQL, MySQL, Mongo, Firebase, Angular, Git, JQuery, Meteor, WordPress, PrestaShop, Bootstrap, Material Design, Ionic 3, Cordova, .NET Framework”

Hildegar M.

After a year of working in the platform, Hildegar has earned position number 22 in the ranking of Venezuela. He stands out for having a Hero profile; the highest level of the platform, reserved only for the most experienced professionals.

Among his skills he has the use of HTML5, SWL, SEO, PHP, Javascript and WordPress, among other tools. In addition, he has 12 ratings of satisfied clients, where 4 have worked on more than one occasion with him.

Rudy Thereze

With the profile of a freelancer Pro and positioned in 25th place, Rudy has among his skills,  management of Ionic Framework, WordPress, Mysql and Javascript, among others.

She has been working in the platform for a year and she has 3 successful experiences in the area, in addition to an Advanced PHP certification.

Neowork S.

With one year of experience in the platform, he has 24 client ratings, from which 2 have decided to work with him more than once. He also has a certification in Intermediary Computer Skills with a score of 97%.

His skills include graphic design, WordPress management, working with PHP, HTML, Adobe Photoshop and WordPress, among others.

So far we have seen some of the best profiles of freelance programmers that you can find in Workana, but these are surely not the only ones, of course.

Since we launched the platform 6 years ago, every month thousands of freelancers willing to work for you are signing up and we have already reached more than 1.5 million users. We hope that you become another user and see how easily a professional freelancer can help you carry out your ideas.

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