Asia has a very important lesson to teach us

Did you know that here at Workana we decided to open operations in Asia last year when we received from SEEK an investment of 7 seven million dollars? (Easier said than done!).

We arrived with a lot of questions about the model, culture, and behaviors in place, but we came to conquer an entire region and accepted the challenge of starting from scratch again.

Today we want to recognize all the clients, companies and entrepreneurs that are taking this great step with us.

According to data by Kelly OCG quoted by the e27 blog for entrepreneurs, currently up to 84% of recruiting managers in Asia are turning to independent talent to carry out projects and grow their companies in a more accessible and versatile way.

In this sense, one of the most obvious challenges facing the economy of the Asian continent is to find trained freelancers quickly and easily.

Today, the daily growth we experience and the monthly projections show us that Asia is a very fertile market and ready to make the leap towards the GIG economy.

How are we doing in Asia?

We are breaking through! And we’ve only been operating in the continent for a year.

Truth is, we could fill this section with figures that had even us surprised, but we prefer to go straight to the point and show you some of the many projects successfully completed in Workana with Asian clients or freelancers:

Design projects

Graphic Design is the category in which more freelancers are hired in Workana, so it’s not surprising that we’re having so many design projects in Asia. Check out some of the reviews from satisfied customers:

Programming Projects

IT & Programming is the second category of most demanded projects in the platform. Our customers in Asia are beginning to trust the thousands of professionals in this area that can be found in Workana.

What is the secret of our success in Asia?

Thousands of customers in Asia are starting to trust Workana and our freelancers because we offer a series of unique benefits that make remote work and the hiring of independent talent a simple, guaranteed and safe process.

We have a great lesson to share: you can do it better, faster and more agile with the help of a freelancer.

Friendly Platform

Workana is a very intuitive platform, you can create your project and find your ideal freelancer among more than two million professionals with just a couple of clicks. On average, our freelancers send more than 450 thousand proposals per month.


65% of the projects receive the first proposals in a matter of minutes, by no less than fourteen candidates. Which means that immediately after creating your project you can start choosing among the best.


Our platform is designed so that you can hire just the talent you need, and for the time you need it: per hour or per project.


When you hire a freelancer in Workana, you can be sure that you will receive the work for which you are paying. Our payment system guarantee allows you to release the funds only when you are 100% satisfied with the delivery, and in this way, both sides have guarantees.


Our ranking system for reputation and project qualifications allows you to hire freelancers that have already proven to be excellent, committed and accomplished.

According to a recent study by the University of Oxford, this kind of ranking system managed by a third party is the most effective mechanisms for confidence control in a digital work environment, where legal contracts are often not concluded and relationships are established from a distance.

What kind of jobs you can do with Workana?

According to our most recent work report, the most contracted work categories in Workana around the world are:

  • Design & Multimedia (37%)
  • IT & Programming (28%)
  • Writing & Translation (16%)
  • Sales & Marketing (9.5%)
  • Engineering & Manufacturing (2.5%)
  • Legal (2.5%)
  • Finance & Management (2%)

How to create a project for Freelancers in Asia?

It’s very simple. If you want to find an Asian freelancer, just go to the “find freelancers” section and select the region box “Asia”.

How to choose the best freelancer in Asia?

The criteria for choosing the best freelancer are the same regardless of the region they’re from. If you want to know more about this subject, check out our articles “How to choose the best freelancer for your project?” and “How to pick the best freelancer for your project”.

In conclusion…

With a not so recent landing, Asia has already given us a warm welcome and showed us the great workforce it possesses, along with the great evolutionary spirit that characterizes its economy.

At Workana we continue to grow in the rest of the world with the same commitment that moves us in Latin America: to generate better job opportunities for all. Join this great project and discover all the things a freelancer can do for you.

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