Workana entered Asia with the right foot: this is how the customers see us.

At Workana, we came up with a very clear mission: to become the most important freelance work platform in Latin America. Last year, It was clear to us that we had already achieved that, so we decided to consider a new challenge that would keep us growing and evolving: to open operations in Asia.

Why Asia? According to data by Kelly OCG quoted by the e27 blog for entrepreneurs, currently up to 84% of recruiting managers in Asia are turning to independent talent to carry out projects and grow their companies in a more accessible and versatile way.

Facing behaviors, economy and an overall way of working different from what we knew, we ventured to start from scratch to open thousands of new job opportunities in another continent, and the truth? The results couldn’t be better.

Thanks to the combined efforts of our team and our community of more than two million freelancers, Workana is quickly gaining a prominent place in the GIG economy and remote work in Asia. And we go for more!

How are Workana freelancers in Asia doing?

One of the distinctive features of our platform is its total orientation towards quality. Thanks to a transparent system of reputation and ranking, our clients can be sure that they are hiring the right professional, who is 100% committed to their project.

Check out some of the many freelance projects that Workana has already helped to achieve in Asia, as well as the freelancers’ ratings and reviews:

Design of collectible toys (Hong Kong / Mexico)


Client rating

Freelance rating

SEO positioning project (Malasia / India)

Client rating

Freelancer rating

Creation of a child care website (Singapore / India)

Client rating

Freelancer rating

Creation of videos and illustrations (Netherlands / Colombia)

Client rating

Freelancer rating

Correction and writing of a research work (Malasia / Pakistan)

Client rating

Freelancer rating

What’s the secret of our success in Asia with the freelancing community?

As you can see, many freelancers and clients in Asia are already starting to trust Workana, and that’s not a coincidence. We are a remote work network that provides unique benefits and guarantees:

Friendly Platform

Our system is easy to use, reliable and efficient. Finding hundreds of projects related to your profile and applying for them is really very intuitive and fast.

Thousands of projects waiting for you

In Workana, every day thousands of new projects are opened in all categories, of all sizes and for all kinds of specific skills.


Our payment system guarantee gives you the peace of mind that you’ll receive 100% of your payment once you have delivered the agreed items or service properly and on time.

Ranking system and accessible benefits

In Workana, you build your reputation based on the projects you have completed. Thus, the more satisfied customers you have, the more opportunities for winning projects you’ll have in the future.

In addition, we have memberships with very accessible benefits that are incredible work tools for you to grow as a freelancer.

What about you? Have you already started applying for the best freelance projects in Asia? Dare to take the leap like us, and start winning projects in the largest continent in the world.

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