How to design a successful Hot Sale with a team of freelancers

If you own an e-commerce or an online store, you’ll probably know that making a Hot Sale or a Cyberday is a great strategy to boost sales, increase visibility and generate loyalty from clients.

But in order to make it successful and not a pain in the neck, you have to plan and execute a good strategy considering several key points of digital marketing. The good news is you can find hundreds of freelancers on Workana specialized in this and willing to help. Contact one of them (or more than one) if what you want is to make a safe investment that can grant you amazing results.

What is exactly a Hot Sale?

Hot Sale is a usually short period of time -like a weekend- during which a business store (either physical or digital) offers large discounts, promotional prices or special benefits. The goal is leading to a significant increase in sales -it’s not unusual to have a massive Hot Sale held by hundreds of different brands at the same time, such as the well-known “Black Fridays” which are held both in physical and digital business stores in most Latin American countries.

For instance, on May 13th, 14th and 15th Argentina held its most important Hot Sale, and Mexico had its own between May 27th to 31st. Could you join them?

You might join in any of these dates, when everybody is willing to spend money, and make the most of indirect advertising, or you can hold your own Hot Sale whenever you want as long as you count on a good database with leads.

Either way, make sure you get the best advice. At Workana, you’ll easily find freelancers who can help you to:

1. Plan the general strategy for your Hot Sale

You may think that putting up a Hot Sale is as simple as filling your e-commerce with discounts and special offers, but it’s actually “a bit” more complex than that. How can you make sure that you’ll target the right audience? Just to mention a few actions you need to anticipate and coordinate to perfection, consider these:

  • Registration or partnering you’ll need to do if it’s a massive Hot Sale
  • Market research to differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • Segmentation of your leads database for email marketing
  • Segmentation of your audience in the social networks for paid advertising
  • Content creation for organic traffic with SEO
  • Technical optimization of your e-commerce
  • Increase of your customer service capability
  • Results analysis of your Hot Sale

And an endless Etc. If you don’t have time or the required expertise to integrate all these elements, don’t worry. At Workana you’ll find a large offer of seasoned freelancers specialized in digital marketing and flash campaigns for ecommerce, willing to help you plan a full strategy and coordinate a remote team covering all your needs, from advertising to customer service.

Your expert in digital marketing campaigns can also assess the general results of your Hot Sale, once it’s over, and identify the strong points and the areas of opportunity to keep improving.

2. Stand out among your competitors

What are your competitors offering? How can you make sure that you’re offering more attractive benefits and discounts to persuade the prospects into picking you? Which channels should you invest in to promote your Hot Sale?

In order to answer all these questions, it’s important to partnering up with an expert who can create a strategy leading to many competitive advantages. The good thing is, at Workana you can easily find also freelancers experienced in research or market surveys.

3. Create promotional content

Now you know what you’ll offer and to whom, it’s time to create advertising content for your Hot Sale. Among them, you’ll have copy, images or videos for:

  • Email marketing
  • Landing pages
  • Google Ads
  • Advertising on social media
  • Articles enhanced for SEO

In this sense, a freelancer specialized in persuasive content writing for digital marketing will be your best choice, and if you want to add images and videos, you can also find very good designers and editors on our platform.

4. Reach the right audience

Once your content is ready, you have to make sure they reach your target audience. You can achieve this in four different ways:

  • Mediante el tráfico orgánico: Se trata de los visitantes que llegarán a la información a partir de una búsqueda en Google. Lo incrementas mediante la optimización SEO.
  • Mediante la publicidad pagada: Ya sea en Google o en redes sociales. Un freelancer experto en SEM puede ayudarte con esta parte.
  • Mediante redes sociales: Lo logras compartiendo tu contenido en la comunidad de tus redes sociales. Normalmente quien se encarga es un Community Manager.
  • Mediante e-mail marketing: Es una campaña que despliegas entre tus contactos de correo electrónico. Se necesita un profesional familiarizado con el software de gestión de e-mail marketing.

5. Optimize your ecommerce or online store

During a Hot Sale, it’s expected to have a dramatic increase of visits to your online store. Is your site ready to face this challenge without collapsing your server? Are all the available payment options working properly? What about the promotion codes? Is the purchase process free from loading errors?

If you mean to go big, the best thing is contacting some of our freelancers expert in ecommerce web development to make sure your effort is not going to get spoiled by a technical error.

6. Provide customer service

Likewise, it is expected that together with the sales increase resulting from a Hot Sale, the demand for customer service and post-sales service will also increase. Instead of overloading your staff (or yourself) or hiring new employees you may not need in the long run, you can find temporary support with some of our remote workers specialized in customer service.

As you can see, before plunging into an attractive hot sales weekend for your clients, there are some critical points you have to take into consideration so that everything goes great. Build your dream team of Hot Sale support reps in Workana and find a new, much more efficient way of working, 100% customized to you and your business needs.


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