The Benefits of Hiring Remote Talent for Your Company or Project

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Deciding to add a new member to your team isn’t always easy.

Normally everyone from startups to multinational corporations take a lot of time to analyze whether or not it’s worth investing in a new employee and all the costs of recruiting and onboarding not to mention the high likelihood that it’s not a good fit. 

But instead of saying, “I need a new team member,” what if you asked yourself “What skills does my company need right now in order to keep growing?”

 The Benefits of Hiring Remote Talent for Your Company or Project - workana blog

This paradigm shift involves thinking in terms of your exact needs right now and accommodating potential changes in the future. For example, hiring a systems manager takes more time and is more costly than hiring an independent professional to implement a digital infrastructure with a barebones system that meets your needs now but is scalable with guaranteed support. 

By using a skills-oriented approach that focuses on achieving short and medium-term results, you can access unlimited opportunities to hire qualified talent and create hybrid teams quickly and efficiently. 

Due to the limits of traditional hiring, this wasn’t possible before. But with the remote work revolution in full swing, you can change your mindset to adapt to new hiring methods that result in hiring the best professionals who will complete your projects more efficiently and in record time.

Main Advantages of Hiring Remote Talent for Your Company

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The benefits of hiring talent on a remote work platform like Workana include:

1.- Cost effectiveness

It’s much cheaper to hire a remote worker on a platform that’s home to the best-qualified independent talent on the market because you don’t need to invest any resources into recruiting unless you don’t find a team or candidate who doesn’t convince you 100% of their ability to do the work. Even then, the fee is mostly negligible because most of it is paid by the other party. 

If you need someone else to help you find one or more candidates, you can save up to 30% of what you would have paid using traditional hiring by hiring Workana Enterprise. That way you can use the time and resources that you saved to optimize other areas of your business or hire more experienced candidates to drive better results.  

2.- Speed

When you look for a particular set of skills and services that can be done remotely on a temporary basis, you can find the perfect solution to fit your needs up to ten times faster than if you hired a traditional full-time employee. This is especially useful if you’re still unsure of whether or not you need to create a full-time position.

Try it out! Find a task that’s been on the back burner and turn it into a temporary project and watch how hiring an independent professional finishes the project and drives results in less time that it would take to hire a traditional full-time employee.

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3.- Skill diversification

Hiring a professional with all the skills you need takes more effort than identifying the skills you’re looking for and creating a remote team that combines all of them. That way everyone does what they’re best at so you can get the best results every step of the way.

For example, instead of hiring a digital marketing generalist, you could get the same results by hiring a team with a specialist to create a special content strategy designed for your target market, a copywriter specialized in online sales, and an ad campaign specialist with plenty of experience for the same price.

4.- Decreased risk

What if something doesn’t go according to plan? Well it’s a lot easier to put the brakes on a project when you’re working with remote contractors than it is with a full-time employee. Along with skill diversification, hiring remote independent talent makes it easier and quicker for you and your company if something doesn’t turn out the way you were expecting.

The idea of remote hiring is to create long-term partnerships, but it also provides you more flexibility when deciding if a team member is a good fit without sacrificing productivity.

5.- Take a big step toward the future of work

It goes without saying that the pandemic changed everything. But the indisputable trends of remote work and the increasing popularity of hiring independent talent had been picking up speed for the past decade before COVID hit.

The pandemic dramatically accelerated the trend and helped the market achieve in 2022 what was expected to happen in 2030. It’s forecasted that 73% of all jobs will be remote or freelance by 2028.

The faster you make the switch to new hiring methods, the faster you’ll be able to reap the benefits of staying ahead of the curve in your industry. If you don’t believe us, believe the thousands of companies like Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, and Malaysia Airlines who are investing more and more of their resources in remote talent and seeing great results.

Ready to start? Don’t wait until the last minute! Start your project and tailor it completely to your budget and needs. With Workana Enterprise, you could be interviewing three or more candidates who can have everything you need in a matter of days. 

Hire smarter, and together we’ll make your business grow.

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