5 Benefits of Using a Talent Consulting Firm

5 Beneficios de contar con una consultoría de talentos - Workana Empresas

Incorporating the expertise of a talent consulting firm is one of the most efficient, flexible, and modern ways to scale your business to reach its full potential by using good organizational practices without spending more money.

A talent consulting firm like Workana Empresas isn’t a recruiting agency. It’s an ally that helps you make the most of the economy 4.0’s new hiring methods, like employee sharing, Interim Management, Scrow employment, ICT-based mobile work, and hybrid teams in general. 

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Expanding companies, especially those in the U.S. and Europe, are taking even more time to find collaborators with the skills that perfectly fit their requirements, and that comes at a high price both in terms of hiring and delays. The search for qualified talent to manage highly complex projects, especially in the IT industry, is so intense that it seems like the number of platforms dedicated to helping companies find this talent is growing exponentially.

But this problem doesn’t just affect large corporations. In fact, being unable to find qualified, experienced, and available professionals is one of the most frequent problems that often stall growth in SMEs with a lot of potential, preventing them from digitizing, expanding their market, and/or agilizing their processes.

5 Advantages of Using a Remote Talent Consulting Firm

5 Benefits of Using a Talent Consulting Firm - Workana Enterprise

Thanks to their high-quality work and more affordable prices in the region, the remote talent pool in Latin America has been gaining more and more ground with international employers. As a result, the demand has outpaced the supply, and remote hiring requires an exhaustive skill certification process that companies often don’t have the time or resources to carry out.

Enter talent consulting firms. These firms are taking the lead in human resource management by meeting corporations’ competitive requirements and adapting to new hiring methods that are taking hold throughout the world.

1.- Agility

The biggest advantage of utilizing a talent consulting firm that’s worked with IT talent and other freelance professionals for over a decade is that it gives you access to a vast database of qualified experts with proven skills. These professionals have several years of experience working remotely with partners on a project by project basis as opposed to working as employees who have a dependent relationship with the company. 

Investing in the services of a talent consulting firm is highly advantageous for modernizing or expanding your company. Since they’ve already helped countless companies reach similar goals, a talent consulting firm is already familiar with different processes that your company may encounter.

As a result, you spend a fraction of the time finding and hiring the person you need compared to using traditional hiring methods because all the candidates are 100% viable and tailored to your company’s needs.

2- Savings

Talent consulting firms focus on making sure that your company’s needs are met in the most efficient way possible. This means hiring remote and ad hoc talent. Not only are companies saving a lot of money by taking advantage of the new horizontal business relationship structures, they’re also cutting costs associated with renting brick-and-mortar office space.

3.- Specialized Skills

The IT industry is diversifying so quickly that it’s gotten hard to find generalist, one-size-fits-all candidates. Instead of investing resources in finding one profile that has everything you need, talent consulting firms focus on people with the skills that you need for your project and provide you with the candidates that fit your current budget.

Another big advantage of hiring a talent consulting firm is that they’ll only recommend professionals who can demonstrate their expertise and are used to working under the employment model that best suits your needs.

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4.- Decreased Risks

Losing an employee is always a big headache for companies because it involves extra costs and time involved in recruiting and hiring a replacement. By relying on a talent consulting firm, you’ll always have options available so you can keep everything running smoothly even if you lose a collaborator.

5.- A Partnership Mentality

The professionals that join your team don’t see themselves as employees. Instead they view themselves as experts in their area of specialization that have a lot to offer companies independently. They rarely want to “tie themselves down” to be dependent on one company; instead, they aim to build solid long-term relationships.

This new mindset has proven to be much more efficient in terms of productivity and achieving goals in record time.

It’s not just SMEs that are making the most of freelance talent teams. Large multinational corporations Uber, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, and Malaysia Airlines are just a few companies that use the power of independent talent to enhance their performance and productivity.

At Workana Empresas, we’re ready to listen and put you in touch with the qualified professionals that have just the skills you need to take the next step and keep scaling your business. 

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