Five Digital Business and Startups Ideas That You Can Launch With a 100% Remote Team

The global economy transformed more in the past decade than it did during the past century. One of the decade’s most significant economic advances is the ability to build successful startups and companies from the ground up by using a 100% remote model and a completely digital infrastructure.

Remote hiring offers entrepreneurs flexibility, scalability, access to global talent, and the opportunity to drastically reduce operating costs.

In this article we’ll discuss five ideas for digital startups or businesses that you can launch with the right planning, a custom-built team of professionals, and a truly affordable budget.

1.- Digital infrastructure development for SMEs

Many companies have yet to take advantage of the wide range of digital tools that would allow them to get new clients and improve their competitive edge.

Since having an online presence is no longer optional and building the presence is a race against the clock for new companies, owners of SMEs need holistic, reliable, and affordable solutions in order to put their businesses online in record time.

In order to build a digital transformation consulting firm, you’ll need a digital strategy and agile change management expert who can evaluate each company’s needs and create personalized solutions with affordable, user-friendly software that’s easy to integrate.

You’ll probably also need a web designer, a programmer specialized in e-commerce integrations, and someone with experience in paid digital publicity who can help your company appear in local searches.

2.- Specialized, industry-specific software development

Since most medium and large corporations and niche companies can’t just use a program that already exists and adapt it to their processes, they require specialized software development to create tailor-made solutions for them.

You can also pick an industry that you know very well, invest in developing a software or SaaS platform to fit those needs better than any other option on the market, and then sell licenses and franchises.

To launch this kind of startup, you’ll need a team of highly-qualified developers who are experts in different programming languages, cloud technology, and specific features that are often used in the industry that you want to target.

It’s also a good idea to hire a software architect or stack dev who can design scalable, integral, and efficient solutions from scratch.

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3.- Niche digital marketing and content agency

Digital marketing companies are probably the easiest kind of startup to build 100% remotely. There are thousands of marketing agencies, and all of them purport to be the best.

So why would anyone enter such a competitive market? Because many marketing businesses commit the cardinal sin of over-generalizing their client’s objectives.

To counteract that, you can identify a specific market niche that you already have experience with and design a service that’s completely adapted to the needs of that specific industry and help them tailor the message that they need to broadcast. For example, you might consider a digital content and marketing agency specialized in catering to the needs of fine dining establishments (pun intended.)

What talent do you need to get started? Well, first and foremost, you’ll need a social media expert as well as a digital advertising specialist (some experts do both.) You’ll also need a copywriter with a solid SEO background, a graphic designer focused on commercial arts, and someone with digital analytics experience who can act as the campaign and project manager.

4.- Service apps

Some of the most successful startups were born from founders observing that the people around them often had to unnecessarily run themselves ragged in order to get certain services. The clearest example of this is Uber which provided users with a better alternative to taxis.

Whether your app specializes in night deliveries, dog grooming, or a dating platform for people with unique hobbies, occupying a niche market, improving the quality of existing options, and having a scalable business model is the secret to a service app going viral.

If you already have a good idea for a business, you’ll need a team that includes at least one good mobile app developer for iOS and Android, a payment method mobile interface designer, and a UX or user experience specialist.

You’ll also need a growth hacker, someone who can help you increase the number of users that use and recommend your app.

5.- Marketplace

No matter what you sell, assuming it’s an in-demand product that you can make a profit off of, if you want to create an ecommerce or marketplace, you’ll have to have a team of digital professionals who can build and manage your store and operating processes 100% remotely.

This will include digital infrastructure in the cloud, payments, remote storage, shipping logistics, customer service, licensing, etc. as well as ways to promote your products to attract new customers and build customer loyalty with the ones you already have.

This dream team includes:

  • A web designer who’s specialized in ecommerce. They’ll have experience working with interfaces and user experience and can create an attractive, easy-to-use platform;
  • Backend developer with database and CRM experience to build the operational management infrastructure;
  • E-commerce marketing campaign specialist, and
  • A virtual assistant or service technician to provide the necessary customer service in case of any questions, complaints, or concerns.

Depending on the type of business you run, you might also need other professionals like market analysts, sales executives, and intellectual property experts.

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Remote collaboration also involves having the right communication, project management, and project monitoring tools and platforms.

The cost of hiring remote talent in Latin America for this type of business can vary depending on experience and the professional’s location. However, you can generally find highly-qualified experts who speak your language who charge much lower rates than local talent in Western markets.

You can find everyone you need to get your ideas up and running on the Workana platform. Tell us what you’re looking for, and in just a few days you’ll have your dream team of experts with the skills and experience that you need at a much lower rate than what you’d pay for the same local in-person team.

We’ll give you a list of options so you can determine which candidate is the best fit. We’ll even offer you a free seven-day risk-free trial unlike any other on the market so you can be 100% sure.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to bring your idea to life!

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