Build Your Startup From the Ground Up With 100% Remote Talents

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When you think about starting a successful business, there are probably a lot of things that come to mind. Some of the steps that were required for creating a successful business a few years ago like renting an office, furnishing it, finding available, qualified, and affordable talent that lives nearby, commuting to work every day to manage the team, etc. are no longer applicable.

Given these circumstances and all the moving parts involved, starting a business and getting it off the ground can be daunting to anyone. But a lot of the obstacles from yesterday are no longer there today. Now, all you need to get your startup running is a good business model and an efficient way to hire remote talent for your projects. 

Why a 100% remote model maximizes your startup’s opportunities 

Once you establish the basic elements of your startup like the problems it will solve, its target market, Unique Selling Proposition (USP), the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and its vision, you can move onto the next steps that will help you structure and implement the right hiring model and remote management

1.- Identify the key starting players

In other words, these are the professionals you need to develop your MVP. In this first stage, the priority shouldn’t be to hire your entire team. Instead, focus on creating a prototype that you can try, optimize, and reassure your investors of your startup’s step-by-step progress.

Defining your key roles clearly also helps you calculate the costs of the first steps of opening your business and pitch a more attractive project to investors.

2.- Get an official mailing address or virtual office and register your startup

Most countries still require a company to have an official mailing address in order to register and open a bank account, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to rent an office space.

Lots of companies offer virtual office assistant services at affordable costs. These companies offer you a mailbox and tend to have additional services like receptionists and coworking spaces. This also allows you to choose the state with the greatest tax advantages for your startup.

Registering your business will cost some money, but it also helps you build trust with potential investors and attract remote talent to your team.

Build Your Startup With 100% Remote Workers on Workana

3.- Pitch your project and emphasize the remote model 

The paradigm of so-called “business reliability” that’s based on a location is shifting. Nowadays, it’s easier to wow potential investors when you eliminate the majority of unnecessary obstacles and costs incurred before they can see product developments and results. One of these obstacles that leads to unnecessary costs is the in-person work model.

Professionals also prefer working at remote startups. In fact, according to a Merchant Savvy survey, 70% of respondents consider the possibility of working remotely as a key deciding factor when choosing a new job, and over half of respondents stated that this option is more important to them than working for a well-known company.

Being 100% remote from the start increases your chances of success during the first and most critical year because it allows you to start with a 100% flexible and scalable operations model and offer competitive advantages over other companies. 

4.- Broadcast your potential and find your ideal team of collaborators 

We know that using a platform like Workana can be instrumental in finding the right remote talent for your project. Workana does almost all the work of finding, screening, and choosing the best professionals for your company, but this is only one part of the process. It’s up to you to tell potential team members about all the advantages and opportunities that come with being a part of your team.

To do that, you’ll need to map out a few aspects that will be important for your team members before you start recruiting, including:

By combining a concrete MVP with the items on this list, it becomes a lot easier to identify, attract, and retain people who will really help you get your company off the ground regardless of whether they live one block or one thousand miles away.

At Workana, we select your ideal candidates based on their proven technical skills and professional reputation. We also take their ability to work independently, collaborate, proactively communicate, and time management skills into account.

If you’re looking to build your startup from the ground up or migrate your company to a 100% remote model, Workana can provide you with a seven-day risk-free trial and plenty of other advantages. Let’s get started!

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