Let’s exercise! How do I convince the client that I am the best?

There is a turning point, that moment on the blank sheet where we don’t know where to begin. We find the project that we love, where we know we can be excellent at it, but what about now? How do I convince the client that I am the best?

What is the best way to introduce myself? Do I ask the client questions? Do I tell the client directly what we can do? We could go on all day long with these questions, couldn’t we? Okay, let’s breathe… Let’s take it one step at a time.

The habit of writing bids is LEARNED, and it’s learned by practice. And what better way to practice than with real projects, with real clients. Workana gives you that chance. You have free weekly bids that you can use as and when you want, so the opportunity is yours!

How do I choose the best projects for me?

There are different points to look at in a project that we are going to present to you in the form of questions, so that you can adapt them to each project that is published. Based on these questions, you will be able to find out the best way to introduce yourself to each client.

More questions? Yes, we are not crazy, we can present you with the questions, but only you can answer them. It’s part of the freedom of being a freelancer. What do you want for your professional career? How do you want to develop yourself? How many hours a day will you spend working? How much do you want to earn per month/week?

Let us return to the bids. A bid is like telling a story, with a beginning, a development and a closing, and the best way to organize it is to structure the different projects in groups.

Step by step, what should we bear in mind?


There are two types of projects at Workana: By the hour and by fixed budget. First choice: Do we want a long-term contract? Or do we want to work on short projects with agreed rates?

Second feature:

The description of the project. Is it extensive? Do I understand what is required? Or is it short and should I have a lot of things to check with the client before I start?

Third key point:

The budget. Does it already have a budget? It doesn’t have any? This is one of the few questions we’re going to answer for you. The budget DOES NOT MATTER

It affects you, of course, we can’t dismiss its importance either. But it doesn’t condition you. Just as clients have the freedom to pay what they believe is the right amount for a project, you are the one to show clients whether they are right or wrong. If with that budget clients would have the final product or if they would only get to the creation of a mock up.

Clients may be clear about what they want, but may not know how much it is really worth. Many clients come to Workana with ideas that they want to bring to reality, but they don’t have enough technical knowledge to know the true scope of their idea. That’s why they turn to professionals like you to better understand how to do it, how much they should spend to complete it etc.

Fourth point

Your experience. Is the project similar to work you have done before? Do you have in your Portfolio examples of this type of project or not? Do your skills match the requirements? Some of them do? None?

Another question we will answer is if your skills do not match those requested, that project is not for you.

Remember that your reputation is at stake, and you must build it with projects that you really know and can do to perfection. Those projects are the ones that will reflect your talent in a solid profile. DO NOT risk it.

Last point (but not least):

Do you know this client? Have you worked before or sent the client bids for other projects? This point is very important so as not to repeat yourself. If the customer has already received a previous bid, make sure this one is different.

Customize your contacts well so you can differentiate yourself from other professionals. Show all your sides to the client, even if you’ve already met. 

Because every project is different, and requires new solutions.

Are you ready yet? Send new bids now!

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