The importance of reputation to win projects

In Workana, the reputation that one makes as a freelancer is crucial when it comes to submitting a bid and winning a project. Of course, in order to build a reputation, it is necessary to win the first project in Workana.

Once a project is successfully completed, each new project you apply for will be easier to win.

Why? Accumulating stars, i.e. building a good reputation, helps to:

  • make it easier for clients to trust us, as we they see that we have already successfully completed several projects.
  • confirm that we have the skills specified in the profile
  • justify the budget
  • give more solidity to our profile


In order to win the first project and make the wheel spin, it is important to remember:

The importance of the complete profile

For this we have already published some useful articles such as Keys to build a good profile and How to build your profile as a freelancer.

Making an attractive bid

For this, it may help to read How to make a good bid

Generate volume

Especially at the beginning, it will be necessary to apply for several projects to win one. Only applying for one or two projects each week will be too little to see results in the short term, so it will be useful to submit several bids.

With regard to working to build a reputation, it is important to have a long-term vision: if in a few months we already have several positive references, we will be able not only to win more projects but also to charge a sum for them in line with our level of professionalism and defend the budget based on the excellent experiences that other clients had before us. The experience registered in Workana is genuine and verifiable, which will give you a solid position in front of potential clients.

At Workana we help our clients find the best remote talent for their projects. We also help workers find jobs that meet their expectations, skills and expected income. We achieve all this in the safest way for both parties.

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