Jesús Nieves: how to globalize your business as a freelancer, hiring other professionals

Jesús Nieves has been registered with Workana for over a year now, he is a “Hero” professional and has completed more than 13 projects. He started out on the platform as any other professional, but soon realized that the growth possibilities offered by Workana were enormous.

That’s how he leveraged the platform to outsource to other professionals and expand his business as a freelancer: he needed to have a team that would enable him to get more and more clients. And Workana was key in this regard.

“Through Workana I was able to create a work team and earn more projects in less time”.

As a professional, Jesus focused on building a thorough profile and maintaining a first-rate reputation. As a client, he published several projects and hired, for example, an expert in Corporate Image and a radio announcer, both with excellent results.

Proud of what he has achieved and very excited about continuing to grow and meeting people from all over the world, in just 18 months Jesus accomplished things that would have taken him more than 5 years to accomplish by other means. Do you want to know more about his story? He tells you himself in this success story.

Just like Jesus, you too can take advantage of the scope and facilities that Workana offers you to globalize your business as a freelancer.

If you want to keep growing and earning more clients, hire other professionals through Workana and build your own team! An excellent alternative to increase your work capacity and your profits, without neglecting your current clients.


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