Increase the work team

Have you already thought about how good it would be to have professionals who can help you in your daily work and allow you to take on more projects without neglecting your clients and increase your profits?

Many times we think that having a work team implies monthly hires and a lot of time to manage and control the work of the team (when we don’t have a fixed income nor the certainty of how many jobs we will get that month). The good news: this doesn’t have to be so!

In this article we show you some steps to increase your team, and therefore your income, by hiring professionals like you: freelancers.

Your entrepreneurship:

First of all, it is important to set goals for your business: it is essential to set small, achievable goals to stay motivated and aligned.

For example:

  •  Organize the work you can do within your area and those you don’t do yet (so you can know which professional you should look for first and foremost to start your growth).
  • How many clients do you currently handle? Your closest objective could be to increase the number of those clients by 10 %.
  • How much time do you spend working today? Can you work more hours? How many more hours do you need to be able to take on that 10 % more work? (remember that this time will then be shared among the team).

Setting small goals is the best way to go, as they are real goals that you can meet in the short term and will leave you motivated to move forward with the next step.

Your team:

The most important thing when putting together your team is to find suitable professionals who share your methodology and commitment to the work. This way, everyone who works with you will be aligned and achieve better results.

Initially, you can contact known professionals to see their availability and willingness to work with you. Know what tasks you could delegate to them, how long they will be available, establish a good link and set the work methodology (how they will establish the schedule, feedbacks and communications, such as the distribution of tasks, the cost/hour of their work and any other point that you think you should have stipulated before taking the big step).

This way you will be able to build a portfolio of professionals, catalogued according to their areas of expertise, availability, rates, etc. and you will be ready to start the second step: conquer clients.

Your clients:

After setting your goals and having your possible team formulated, it’s time to take the next step: getting new jobs.

At this point you have two potential targets:

* Contact your current clients and let them know that you are expanding your development area (so they know they can count on you for other types of work, in addition to the one you have been offering so far).

* And, of course, to face new clients and new projects.

As you may have noticed, taking this step is not that complicated. It requires organization, focus and good will. Expanding your team does not (necessarily) mean hiring employees who work in an office 8 hours a day. You can start by simply establishing contact with other professionals and, based on this, start looking for more and better projects.

You will see how, gradually, you will be able to grow and venture into new horizons. As always, our team at Workana is available to help you with whatever you need!


*Author of the photo: 드림포유

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