Cloud-Based Computing for your Startup: Examples and Success Stories

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Many big corporations that began as startups in the early 2000s are now a part of our everyday life. This was made possible by cloud-based computing.

In fact, without cloud-based solutions, 52% of new startups wouldn’t be able to pay for the tech infrastructure necessary to get their company up and running, nor would they be able to scale at the necessary rate to remain competitive with bigger companies in their sector.

Cloud computing helps you:

  • Keep initial investments to a minimum so you only pay for the services and resources that you need
  • Save up to 23% on technology costs annually
  • Build and manage all of your technological infrastructure completely remotely
  • Scale according to your needs and accelerate your growth cycles
  • Get the help of highly trustworthy service providers 
  • Manage your resources at a cheaper rate that’s more practical than using physical servers
  • Take advantage of more opportunities to integrate with other related IT services
  • Better protect your information from losses and cyberattacks
  • Enable solutions that can be used in multiple regions

Using cloud-based computing that’s built by strong providers doesn’t just save money, it also significantly decreases the likelihood that your project will be delayed due to system or security failures. You can breathe easy knowing that someone else will be dealing with tedious tasks like maintenance and system updates.

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What is cloud-based computing?

Cloud-based computing is a technology service delivery model. Instead of depending on local servers or expensive physical infrastructures, cloud-based computing allows startups to “rent” capacity in the cloud to store, process, and manage data and applications

Currently the biggest cloud service providers are Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Salesforce, and SAP

One of cloud-based computing’s biggest advantages is that it facilitates big data analysis collaboration between teams with members that are located in different places around the world, which is especially important in the era of remote work. 

In fact, thanks to a wide range of cloud-based services that are on the market and specialized talent located in regions with lower costs of living like Latin America, building your dream team of developers and your entire digital infrastructure and launching your 100% remote and native startup cloud in a matter of weeks is easier than ever before.

Cloud-based computing: success stories

Our lives would be extremely different without cloud technology. A lot of tech giants started as great ideas that were able to scale rapidly by using quality and low-cost technology to store apps and services in the cloud.

  • Airbnb uses cloud-based computing to manage their platform on a large scale. The company efficiently manages immense volumes, scales its potential in proportion with demand, and provides reliable services to millions of users and guests.  
  • Slack allows more than ten million active users to securely exchange information and messages in real time every day without needing its own server. 
  • Netflix can store and stream an infinite library of content to millions of people around the world, providing its subscribers with a high-quality viewing experience because the service potential is able to scale according to demand.
  • Stripe can process transactions quickly and securely while protecting its users’ financial information. The cloud’s scalability has allowed them to grow and expand globally without technical problems. 
  • HubSpot uses cloud-based solutions to provide marketing and sales services to digital companies around the world. It provides clients with real-time access to its campaign creation tools from anywhere in the world which allows companies to take advantage of new opportunities quickly. 
  • Uber, Rappi, and Cornershop are just a few apps that are 100% cloud-based, just like thousands of successful and lesser-known companies that cater to specific niches but make millions of dollars each year. 

With the right experts, you can begin with a good business model by using technology, or you can solve critical problems in your company by using applications and smart processing systems that have already been developed in the cloud.

 cloud-based computing for your startup - workana blog

Workana remote devs and cloud technology: a match made in heaven

Cloud technology makes your startup more efficient, competitive, and successful on the current market because it puts all the IT power and strategic web services you need at your fingertips. The options are already there; all you need now is the right talent to build the technology infrastructure, 100% remotely. 

At Workana, we have one of the largest pools of certified talent in Latin America with cloud-based computing experts that speak your language and work within your time zone. Our experts will help you find the perfect match and can even build complete development and programming teams for you.

Sign up for our exclusive Workana seven-day risk-free trial and make sure you’re hiring the right person to seamlessly set up your startup in the cloud in record time. Ready to get started?

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