What Kind of Developer Profiles Are on the Market? A Guide to Identifying the Right Remote Talent for Your Tech Startup or Project

Developing a startup or carrying out a tech project is now one of the best ways to invest. To do this, it’s essential to work with a team of trained developers.

However, a lot of companies and investors don’t opt for this strategy, citing talent shortages and a lack of specialized knowledge which can understandably make the process of finding and hiring different types of developers and the right candidates feel overwhelming.

Keep in mind that the talent shortage is a myth, and so is the notion that hiring good devs is expensive and only within reach for big corporations.

Today, we’ll give you a practical guide to understanding different developer profiles and how to find them so you can build the perfect dream team for your project as quickly as possible.

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1.- Front end developer

Front end developers manage the visible part of an App, software, or website. They’re responsible for creating the interface by using technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

This profile is fundamental for making sure that your project’s design and interactivity are attractive and functional. For this reason, they have to have solid UX (User experience) skills. 

2.- Back end developer

Back end developers focus on the applications’ internal functioning. In other words, they work on everything behind what the user sees.

Back end developers work with technologies and programming languages like PHP, Python, Ruby, Java or .NET to develop the logic and structure behind the user interface.

A lot of their work involves making sure that everything works correctly with the server and managing different aspects like security and database management.

3.- Full stack developer

You may have asked yourself who coordinates the front and back end devs in order for them to work in tandem. Enter full stack developers.

They’re highly valued because they have a lot of different skills, and they can understand and integrate every layer of an application or website from the user interface to database management and server configuration.

If you have a relatively simple project, a stack dev can take care of the majority of the tasks involved.  On the other hand, if the project is more ambitious and includes a full team of developers, you’ll need at least one stack dev to manage everyone and help you choose the right technologies and languages to achieve your objectives faster. 

Developer profiles on the market and how to find them in Workana

4.- Mobile Developer

These devs specialize in creating apps for iOS or Android devices. They use programming languages like Swift and Kotlin and frameworks like React Native and Flutter in order to make the work much more agile with technology that’s easy to integrate and compatible with the current digital environment.

Mobile developers are essential for mobile app projects aimed at reaching a wider audience and making the most of the market’s advantages. They’re also vital if your business model is an app in and of itself. 

5.- Database Developer

While they technically fall into the back end developer category, database developers implement and maintain structures for large quantities of data to convert it into useful information for your business or key instructions for your systems.

Database developers work with technologies like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB. They make sure that the data is stored and recovered efficiently and safely.

These professionals are fundamental for projects that involve large quantities of information and require reliable data storage. 

6.- Security Developer

Protegering your project and data from threats and vulnerabilities is extremely important because cyberattacks continue to be a very profitable “business.” Unfortunately there are thousands of people who work solely on committing cyberattacks.

If your project is small, your stack dev will definitely be able to make sure that it’s protected. However, bigger projects, especially those involving sensitive data, generally require a professional who’s specialized in identifying potential security breaches, implementing protection measures, conducting penetration tests, and more.  

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7.- Artificial Intelligence (AI) Developer

Like its name suggests, an AI developer specializes in developing and implementing intelligent algorithms and systems. They use machine learning technology, natural language processing technology, and other types of AI to create apps that can learn, adapt and make decisions independently or even create art and content.

These professionals are ideal for projects requiring expertise in advanced data analysis, automation, or customization. AI apps in and of themselves are good for some automated image generators because you can charge users monthly usage fees or processing power fees.


8.- DevOps Engineer

These engineers play a fundamental role in the life cycle of software development that integrates with IT operations. Their main objective is to guarantee a product or app’s efficient and reliable delivery.

A DevOps engineer has expertise in development and infrastructure, which is why their job is essential for any software development company that works with external clients.

These professionals optimize and automate software implementation and delivery processes. They also make sure that everything works smoothly and efficiently.

The main difference between a DevOps engineer and a stack dev is that while stack devs manage the project’s internal synergy, DevOps engineers manage the synergy between development and the client’s technology.

Some of their work includes server configuration, cloud infrastructure, continuous integration, process automation, etc. 

Devs profiles on the market: the Workana Guide

9.- VR and AR developer

Virtual reality and augmented reality developers specialize in creating immersive and interactive digital experiences.

They use tools and technology that are similar to the ones used to create video games, but they also offer highly innovative and creative applications in education, other branches of technology, and more.

If your project’s objective is to provide your clients with unique and attractive experiences, it’s an excellent idea to recruit a VR and AR developer. 

10-. E-commerce developer

An e-commerce developer works with specific frameworks and technologies to develop online stores, integrate payment systems, manage product catalogs, and optimize the user buying experience in general.

If your project involves selling products or services online, investing in an e-commerce developer up front will help you build a strong and scalable platform quicker and at a better rate.  

¿How and where can I find the developer profiles that I need for my project?

Hiring the right developers for your startup or project is the key to your company’s success. Now that you’re familiar with different developer profiles, you can start building your dream team with the help of Workana

Tell us about your project, and we’ll find the remote talent you need to get started ASAP. Our talent pool is composed of highly qualified candidates who speak your language and charge affordable rates, especially compared to candidates who live in your area.

We’re also the only platform that offers our clients a seven-day risk-free trial. Try it out now and gain a competitive edge in your industry!

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