Workana Success Case: Michael Chan – Mina International, or how to turn a challenge into a business opportunity

Today we bring you the story of Michael Chan, who currently has a thriving water filter business in Hong Kong and who has resorted to our freelancers in every step of the way. Would you like to know more about him?

Workana is a freelance work platform that has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to grow and find the talent they need for their projects quickly and efficiently. We recently opened operations in Asia and we can already proud ourselves in having one of our first success stories also in this continent to share with you.

The opportunity discovered by an entrepreneur: MINA International

Michael Chan was one of many young Malaysians who dreamed of being able to work and look for better opportunities for Hong Kong. Finally, he was offered a job there that sounded very promising and with promises to regularize his residence papers. Unfortunately, after moving to Hong Kong, Michael realized that his employer had no real intention of fulfilling his commitment.

However, the prospect of having to return to their country and start over was not an option, and finding another stable, legal job was not going to be easy either. So, Michael chose to start looking for local business alternatives.

Something that caught his attention was that, in Hong Kong, almost nobody used water purifiers in their homes, something that is extremely common in Malaysia since the water in the region has a strong taste, and in doing so, identified a good business niche with practically given clients. But the question was, how to start a business from scratch and with very little budget?

Michael started looking everywhere until he got a good supplier in Korea on a consignment, and with that first step, he opened his water filter company in Hong Kong: Mina International.

And this is where his success story in Workana begins, since, being Hong Kong a full-time employment market where it’s difficult to find talent, from the beginning he chose to use freelancers to create his business image, website, brochures, etc.

Seven months ago, he opened his first project in Workana to translate the product brochures from English to Chinese. He was so satisfied that only a month later he ventured with the design of new brochures and creative content and copy for his incredible website:

Soon after, Chang got very excited with a super professional video for his website with a freelancer from Argentina!

He currently keeps looking for talented freelancers to help him design a product brochure and a flyer. And we’re sure that Michael will continue using freelancing talent to keep growing his company. Here are some of the reviews that he’s written and some that his coworkers wrote about him:

Michael became a five-star client

Some of his experiences hiring freelancers

Michael found in Workana his secret to success, and now he has access to talented people throughout Asia with very diverse skills that always adapt to his needs. And it also allows you to specify projects very quickly, which is a key factor for any startup.

 You can also get all the benefits of working with freelancers on our platform. Publish your project today and discover all the talent that is waiting for you.

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