Why do I benefit from having my interactions recorded on the platform?

One of the great benefits of Workana is that it works as a guarantee. In addition to serving clients in their search and finding of the best professionals for their projects, and helping professionals to work autonomously, freely and independently because Workana gives them peace of mind and security.

For some of them, is to know that the money invested will only be released when they are satisfied with the work received, and for others is to know that if they worked properly, they will be paid for their work.

The vast majority of projects are carried out smoothly, and Workana does not need to intervene too much for this to happen. But, why deny it? During the development of a project there can be setbacks, and that is where the importance of communication within the platform lies.

Before a payment is made (see escrow), Workana does not allow the exchange of contact details so that the parties do not trade outside the platform, with all the risks involved in not having the guarantee of an intermediary.

But we understand that once a professional has been selected and the escrow has been made, freelancers and clients may need other types of communication to make a project more fluid. At this point, they may exchange Skype, emails, phones and other means that may help them make the project successful and communication more fluid.

Knowing this, the importance of translating the conversation into other media within the platform is fundamental. All communication needs to be recorded at Workana for a very simple reason:

In the event of any inconvenience or setback, Workana can have full access to what has been done during the project.  Meeting deadlines, to a client’s feedback, to the work done, to the quality of the work, to response times. And to everything related to the work that client and professional have agreed upon.

This simple reason not only helps Workana to solve projects that cannot be successfully completed but is the key to the peace of mind for customers and professionals who have contact through Workana.

Customers know that by communicating through the platform, there is no way their money can be released for something they did not agree upon. And freelancers know that by keeping their communication up-to-date through Workana, they will be paid safely when they get the job done on time and according to what had been agreed between both parties.

The benefit of the peace of mind and security that comes with working through Workana is strongly supported by this issue.

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