How to exercise your creativeness (part II)

Following with part I of this article, below you’ll find more tips to exercise your creativeness.

Rest well and enjoy leisure time

Having body and mind well rested is key to perform any activity, and the creative process is no exception. A good rest will allow our body to work properly and establish connections, ideas and new viewpoints much more easily.

On the other hand, enjoying “leisure time“, that is to say, moments to do nothing –like watching a movie or playing a videogame– is important to clear your mind and focus on things completely unrelated to work or to daily chores. Doing this will allow us to resume our responsibilities with a refreshed spirit.

Keep a balanced diet

This point has to do with many of the aspects mentioned before, as it refers to leading a healthy lifestyle and at the same time to art consumption.

Generally speaking, keeping a balanced diet is a wholesome action for it means consuming several nutrients necessary for the body –and as we’ve already mentioned, being healthy is important when it comes to creative development.

Besides, this point is also related to our recommendation of “consuming art”. Why? Because keeping a balanced diet will invite us to different ways of combining and serving ingredients.

We can witness how ingredients are combined according to the place or time of the year, or how meals are cooked to create dishes that challenge our senses. After all, a good meal is not just something to taste but it has a visual presence and smells as well, and it might even trigger associations and memories.

Social bonds

Being in touch with others, from our same or from a different business, is also very good to help keeping an active creativity and stimulating it.

Relating with other people can be an enriching experience, either for leisure or entertainment, or to get to know other points of view about a topic, or just because it keeps active a part of our brain which requires from social interaction and everything that comes with it, among many other things.

Learn new stuff

Anything. From how to underline a text on Word to a new language or to playing the saxophone, just to mention a few examples. Learning new stuff involves so many incentives that several research studies state it helps combat diseases such as Alzheimer. 

There’s nothing worse than coming to a standstill and linger on a routine for a long time which brings no challenge or teaching; it’s the best formula to numb your creativeness. That is why it’s very positive to keep active and nourish your brain through learning new stuff, no matter how big or small it might be.

And never forget: we’re all unlimitedly creative. The first thing we have to do is embracing this fact. Once we become aware of the creative potential any of us is able to develop, we only need to apply some of these ideas and find the way to implement creativity on our daily life. Results can be really rewarding.

Do you know any other way of developing creativity?

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