15 amazing logos created by Workana freelance designers

Logotypes say a lot about brands. Apart from being brands official symbols, logos intend to communicate consumers a global idea of the products under the brand they stand for. Furthermore, they must transmit this in an attractive and outstanding manner. It is highly important that a logo reveals product identity while engaging new (and potential) consumers.  

Having a good logo is essential to promote business growth and to consolidate its position over time. Brands which are entering the market and those who have come a long way are well aware of this. And Workana freelancers too!  

We are talking about thousands of talented persons, working remotely from many countries around the world. Our client’s second most-searched category is design and multimedia. A category filled with outstanding professional people, who mirror our platform’s quality and professionalism.  

To give you an idea of our designers’ background, take a look at these absolutely amazing logos!  

1. “Dona Sabida”

Ranked among top design field exponents, the following logo was created by Brazilian freelancer Rocket Designer and conveys the product and brand’s delicacy efficiently.

2. “Miranda y Asociados”

The next logo is a work which belongs to Sammy’s freelancer profile, whose main skills include graphic design, logotype & business card design, apart from branding development, among others.

3. “Jensen”

In this case, the visual identity was created by Brazilian freelancer Evelin S. According to her, the goal was to create “a simple icon, loaded with meaning”. The shades of blue and green evoke “seriousness, commitment” and “responsibility”. 

4. “Ninali”

This logo and visual identity are a creation by Ana, a designer who also works in the edition field and in content design. Everything here is delicate, feminine and juvenile, embodying the brand attributes perfectly.  

5. “Cortex”

Cortex logo is a piece of work taken from the professional freelancer profile of Up Interactiva, based in the United States.

6. “Naturalissimo”

This simple, tropical, idea was conceived by Chilean designer Willy Santos. He is ranked among the best design pros in the country and has great feedback from his clients. 

7. “Acambio”

The logotype of Acambio, a Service Exchange Platform, was created by Miguel Jaime, from Colombia. This professional has completed more than 140 projects through Workana.   

8. “Elegance”

The sophisticated allure of this logo aligns perfectly with the product demands. The work belongs to the Brazilian Vito Turbino, an expert in branding, graphic design and digital marketing.  

9. “Captoon Audiovisual”

Bold and modern, the following Captoon logo is a piece of “freelancer pro” Julio Henrik’s production. Julio is from Brazil, and branding and illustration are among his core skill sets.

10. “Mr. alfa”

Professional freelancer Laíza Carvalho exhibits a large collection of logos in her background. On Workana platform her profile will give you a chance to spy at countless and beautiful works of design like this, created for the Mr. Alpha brand.


11. “A&A Web Services”

A remarkable branding work: the logo art and visual identity of A&A Web Services were created by Alejandra Tabares, a freelancer from Chile.

12. “Quesos San Jorge”

San Jorge’s brand is focused on the cheese industry. Therefore, the logo is meant to convey coziness and warmth, bringing remembrances of family recipes and countryside back to your mind. It is a creation of Gustavo Salgado.

13. “Juicy Store”

This logo created by freelancer Lubianca Diáz, from Venezuela, is gentle and fun. It fits perfectly with the appeal pursued by the brand.  In her work, the designer combines digital photography, illustration, edition, and other professional field skills.

14. “Crescer CO”

The next work belongs to Michelle O., a talented designer from the United States. Her platform’s reputation is optimal, and eight of her clients have demanded her services more than once.

15. “Souza Arquitetura”

Our last logotype exhibited on this fabulous gallery is a creation of the Brazilian publicist Marina Rosa de Oliveira, who has defined this project as “aimed at conceptual architecture creation”.

As you noticed, the best freelance designers are available on Workana platform.

Therefore, if you pursue the best logo and identity for your brand, get ready to post your project and receive proposals from freelancers of different locations. And if you have already built up your business, and need a designer to work on your logo or rebuild your brand visual identity, count on our freelancers’ expertise to give you a hand.  

Employing a professional freelancer proves excellent when you demand faster delivery and high-quality results, in a practical way and with the most competitive prices.  

You are just a click away from picking up the most incredible professional to fulfill your projects! Click here to start!



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