Start working as a Freelancer: Do’s and don’ts when trying to get a freelancer project

Choosing to be a freelancer is not an easy choice but an exciting career path which offers plenty of potentials in terms of financial gain as well as in terms of personal freedom. However, to be a successful freelancer, many things “should be DONE” and many things “should NOT BE DONE” as shown below:

1) Don’t miss the opportunity of learning how to sell yourself!

To be a successful freelancer, you should not miss the opportunity of talking more details about the offered services to your potential client. This is an important point not only to attract clients who have big projects, but also to attract clients who would like to extend their current project to make many other projects in the future.

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2) Charge based on your skills and experience!

The more quality of work you do, the more skills, experience and efforts you will devote. This means that the quality of the work should be reflected in the price of the project. For example, professional freelancers should evaluate the price based on many strategies and one of those strategies is to divide the project into several parts and give the price for each part rather than charging based on hour rate.

3) Build your reputation!

Building a good reputation will not be based only on the quality of work, but also is based on many other factors like reacting quickly to the requests of the clients, protecting their privacy and give them a high value of commitment in delivering the work within the deadline.

Reputation is not something built in one day but needs some time to be built, and once it is built on strong bases, freelancer can earn money in on a regular basis. For example, in Workana, the work of freelancers will be evaluated by their clients once the project is finished, the profiles of freelancers will be evaluated with good ratings and hence, they are much more likely to win further projects in the future

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4) Improve your skills in your domain of expertise!

Successful freelancers should think how they can attract the clients who are looking for a long term of work with high quality. The answer of this question is crucial and closely related to the skills that the freelancer should have to promote his/her experience.

5) Don’t forget that your work is your value!

Clients would like to evaluate the abilities and the skills of the freelancers, and one of their tools to do so is to evaluate their previous work samples. Building your own work portfolio can be considered as your marketing tool to persuade clients that you are the right person for their project.

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6) Don’t forget to treat your clients right!

To be a successful freelancer, you should apply the following marketing rule which is “the more profit you will earn from your clients, the more preference you will give to them” For example, giving your clients who send you a lot of projects, kind of “priority” in terms of the time in delivering the work, will be considered one of the best tools to express your appreciation for their continuous work.

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